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How about you look after the people that stayed.

14 Jun

Saturday morning 13th June 3015, 6am. I find out from social media that my dad has lost his job. Clerys department store is no more. 440 jobs lost in total. Business sold, staff told to leave, locks changed all in the space of a few hours. I couldn’t quite process what i was reading. Called home with so many questions but the answers couldn’t be given, it was still so fresh for them to process. 

Immediately I began to have flashbacks to September 2012, myself and Mark had just returned to work after a week in Spain. I was on the phone, no doubt getting my ear chewed off me by a customer. My phone flashed up with an SMS it was Mark. Four simple words ” I’ve been let go”. I felt sick. I zoned out of the conversation as a million thoughts ran through my head. When he collected me from work I just cried. Why him, why us. What the f**k were we gonna do. Mark did apply for jobs before we came to Australia but got nothing. Another victim of the recession, another one lost to emigration. 

What makes me laugh about this whole situation is over the last number of weeks the phrase ” Ireland’s on the up” is creeping back in. Bullshit! The governments wonderful ability to massage the figures is working to their advantage. And don’t come to me and say ” ah but it is Sinead”. Sorry but 440 jobs went on Friday. These people have years of service behind them nowhere to go now, mortgages and small kids. I can’t help but feel they are getting the mushroom treatment . . Kept in the dark and fed shit. ( you can thank my mum for that one)

And what’s even more laughable is I’m seeing more and more articles asking about what they can do to encourage people home who emigrated, outrageous suggestions such as offering us money to come home and cheap loans to fly home.  Here’s a suggestion, don’t do anything, how about you look after the people that stayed. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again some of us don’t want to come home, and as devestating as it is for me to admit, my life is better here and I have no plans to return any time soon.

To the government, I suggest you help the people that stayed. They need your support. We are doing just fine out here thank you very much.