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Dealing with injury, weight gain and recovery time. 

9 Apr

So since mid February I’ve had this pain in my leg. At first I thought it was just tightness so I stretched and I stretched. One night in a pilates class I had this pain that shot up from the affected leg and all the way down to the other foot. I stopped moving immediately. I was so freaked out it was like being electrocuted. Ok ok shake it off I said to myself. Don’t be daft you clearly moved funny. So I tried that move again and I got the same shock. Great, I’m broken I thought. 

I mentioned it to my trainer and she referred me onto a sports injury doctor she had seen before. The wait for that appointment was agonising. My leg got tighter and more painful. I got cranky and moving became more difficult. It hurt to get up in the morning, it hurt to stand on the bus and I couldn’t put my food flat on the ground. 

I eventually had my appointment and he knew straight away what it was. My Sciatic nerve was trapped. He tried to lift the leg and I flinched in pain. How can I fix it I asked. Cortisone he said. I booked the appointment 1 week after my doctors visit. Pilates got harder, walking got harder and just moving in general got harder.

The day finally came for the injection and I went into complete meltdown. What if they can’t fix me, I bet the don’t do the procedure here today. I bet they send me somewhere else. I was called into the procedure room and met the doctor. I almost put my foot through the wall when he touched my leg. He was pretty honest about how much cortisone my body would be able to take given the tightness in the leg. 

I fought back tears as he injected and lied through my teeth when he asked if it hurt when he put the needle in. I was desperate for my leg to be fixed I just wanted all the cortisone. 

Shortly after I was sent home and I felt great. No pain no nothing, and then the anaesthetic wore off and I was like a cranky demon. I couldn’t get comfortable I didn’t know what I wanted. After a few days rest I could move. I felt great. I could walk to work, go to Pilates and do a gentle workout. 

7 days after the injection the pain came back and I was back to square 1. I was devastated. I was referred back to the doctor and I’m now booked in for my second shot of cortisone. To help with the pain managed I was given a two week dose of lyrica. Those tablets are the devil. I was moody, sad and worst of all . . . Hungry. I ate EVERYTHING. I cried when I didn’t have enough food. There was not enough food for me to eat. I was constantly hungry. I put on almost 2kgs and it destroyed me. My pants were tight and i felt gross. Then I started to panic about loosing the weight. I knew I’d be out of action for a week or so with the second shot and I needed to get back training for Brissy to the Bay. 

I put the tablets in the bin and I’ll manage my pain with ice and heat. Here’s hoping the 2nd injection works better. 


Whoops clean eating turned into eat all the food! 

24 May

Here we are three weeks into May and for the most part I was doing really well. Running, gym and good eating. And then illness took me down and when I say it took me down it literally floored me. I started off with a scratchy throat and then the eternal tap in my nose turned on. 

I went to personal training on Wednesday and had an easy session as I had my spine and hips realigned on Monday. I didnt really know what to expect from that but at the end of the session i felt great. Funny how he knew things about me before I even told him. He could tell me about my anxiety, my kidney issues and how I hurt my back. After an intense hour of twisting, pulling and back cracking I was good to go. 

I felt like I could take on the world. But then Wednesday evening came and it hit me like a tone of bricks. I vomitted after my PT session. Now I’ve vomitted before but this was different, it felt like my body hated me and not in the yeah that was an awesome session kind of way. I kept telling everyone in work that morning that I was fine, i was in the prime of life by Wednesday evening I felt like I had been struck down in the prime of life. 

Thursday and Friday I was too sick for work. So what did I do? I ate. And how much did I eat? Lots.

Everything I could find I ate. Didn’t matter what it was I ate it. Toast became my new best friend. Smoothered in delicious butter and sometimes cheese. All the cheese and all the butter made for a happy Sinead. Oh having a cup of tea? Sure stick on a slice of toast. Breakfast time? Ah sure lets have some toast. Lunch time? You guessed it toast. I tend to do most of the cooking in our house so when I got sick Marks way of coping was to get take out. Not ideal but I didn’t care. I was sick and wanted comfort in the form of all things food. 

I’m paying for it now, my gluten intolerance is flaring up again and I’ve had upset stomach for three days now. Back on the clean eating and I can say hand on heart I missed it. Will also be glad to get back to the gym. I wonder if it missed me 

May 1st – Colour run and clean eating 

2 May

So I did it. I finally ran 5k and I did it in 37minutes. I had been training a while for it but as it got closer to the event I suffered really bad with shin splits and on Friday before the race I hurt myself in Pilates to the point that I cried. Saturday I debated pulling out all together, the pain in my hips was still there and I had trouble moving. I stretched out that evening and had an Epsom salt bath. I also had a word with myself and told myself to put my big girl pants on and go for it. 

Sunday morning I woke up and still had the same tightness in my hips. The race was on May the 1st. Same day as my clean eating. All I wanted to do was go back to bed and eat all the chocolate I could find. Sure I could walk it if I was in too much pain. 

We arrived at the venue and the place was buzzing. It was starting to rain hard but it didn’t stop the buzz. The only thing I was disappointed in was the amount of fast food trucks there. Children eating chips and burgers at 8am. And no healthy food in sight. 

We made our way over to the start line and myself and Mark went to the right with the runners. I was nervous, I don’t know why but I was nervous. The count down from 10 to 1 started and we were off. We started running, and I ran and I ran. We hit the colour stations along the way and we were covered. I walked for about 500 metres and we were off running again. It felt natural and I could breath. There was no pain in my body and I was determined to keep going. The rain was getting heavier and I could barely see in front of me. We can’t have been more then 500 metres from the finish line and i turned to Mark and just said I couldn’t do it anymore I needed to walk. And he just told me to run for it. Make sure you dig deep and run across that finish line and I did just that. Would I have been disappointed if I walked across? Absolutely. 

I was delighted coming in at 37minutes. Fastest I have ever done it. We had a paint party afterwards to celebrate 

Naturally I was starving afterwards so I cooked up big fluffy omelettes and had a gallon of water. I had a massive headache which I think was the adrenaline but of course I convinced myself it was sugar and had a biscuit and some chocolate. Whoops minor slip up. But today is a new day and I am ready to go. I have my schedules prepared and my lunches cooked for the next four days. Looking forward to some killer workouts this week and clean eating.