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Excuse me while I go and sell my soul for a snickers. 

13 Jul

So about mid June I got the idea into my head that I was going to go sugar free for the month of July. What do I love? Sugar. When do I want it? Always! 

At first i didn’t think much of it, i figured we had this, how hard can it be giving up sugar for a month. The answer to that question is very. Day one I thought I’d breeze it. Went to my training session and told my trainer all about it. She was great, gave diet tips and food suggestions. Yeah I’ve got this. ( that’s my smug face)

Day 2: I literally felt I’d kill for some sugar. The headaches were like nothing I had experienced. I tried to keep busy and distract myself but it wasn’t working. And the hunger, ohhhhh my god I was so hungry. All I could think about was food. All the food all the time. I just wanted it in my belly. 

 I think the hardest part was getting used to drinking just water, with every meal. Every meal it was the same question, what do you want to drink, and every meal it was the same answer. Day 3-7 still hard but I could feel the sugar leaving my system. I was winning. Hard to stay strong when your work place produces morning teas like this

By the beginning of week 2 I had hit a major slump. For want of a better phrase I was so over this bulls**t. Why was I even doing this. In the first week I lost weight and by week two there was no change. It was so frustrating. I was annoyed with myself. I exercised I ate well and more importantly no sugar. But the scales said otherwise. I wanted to pick it up and throw it out the window. 

I had heard all about that sugar film so I ordered the book and DVD. It arrived last Monday and just in time. I didn’t really know what to expect. We watched the film together and it was just incredible. I never really knew the damage sugar was doing to my body. And what was worse is the guy doing the experiment only ate “healthy” products and low fat foods. I ended up thinking about the film all week.

We are now two weeks off sugar and can honestly say I don’t miss it. I might get the odd craving for some chocolate but it’s nothing some fruit won’t cure. Only 2 1/2 weeks left and here’s hoping we stick with it. So I will have to kiss goodbye to my true love Krispy Kremes and say hello to my skinny jeans