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One good deed deserves another.

12 Mar

So I first met the wonderful Jenny Conlon when we worked together in Roches Stores. To say she was a fire cracker would be an understatement. From the moment our shifts would start she never stopped talking but my god did she have a fascinating life. I was never sure of it was just cause she talked so fast everything sounded interesting but she could make buying lunch in M&S so dramatic.I remember for my 21st she got me a birthday card with scratch cards in it, before I’d even begun to scratch Jenny had already staked a claim in my winnings, good Karma and all that! Not long after that Jenny decided to move to London and follow her passion of journalism and I opted to stay in Dublin and settle for a job in insurance.
Speaking of good Karma myself and Mark made a pact with the man above that if he managed to get the job we would do a kind favour in return, and that favour belongs to Ms Jenny Conlon.
Jenny is currently preparing to run a marathon to raise much needed funds for hearing dogs for the deaf. We have decided to donate to her cause to help her along the way. By getting funding it will give people with hearing difficulty more freedom and I for one think it’s an excellent cause! I’m so proud of Jenny for the amount of hours she has put in and the dedication she has shown to her charity. She has a charity page for anyone who would like to know more https://www.justgiving.com/jennyconlon/.
Jenny I wish you all the best and know your going to do fab. Looking forward to following all your updates 🙂 xox
Ps I never did win anything on those cards!