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Permanent Residency. . . But now what?

15 Apr

So a week ago myself and Mark became permanent residents of Australia. But now what? I guess because the last 6 months have been consumed with waiting I’ve felt a little lost this week. Getting the visa felt so surreal. It was all we talked about. The application process was so drawn out, police checks from Ireland and Australia, medicals and wanting to know every detail about you and your family not to mention the cost! People would ask if we were planning to stay in Australia for good. We’d just explain that we had applied for residency and we’d see how that goes. In a sense it bought me some time, I didn’t have to commit to anything, there was a chance we wouldn’t get the visa. But now we have it I guess we have to make some serious decisions about our future. 

I won’t lie, my heart aches for Ireland, for my family, my friends, the events I miss, my mum and dad and the support we had. Any major events that have happened here( engagement, promotions, visas) have been celebrated over the phone. It’s hard when in reality all you want is a hug from your parents and to have loved ones around you. Don’t get me wrong we have great friends and family here but sometimes it’s just not enough. Recently Mark went for surgery and when I returned home it was to an empty house. It’s probably they loneliest I have left. I had to call home and explain what happened and after all the calls I was alone again. Thank god for Whatsapp and viber and my friends at home keeping me sane. 

My nephew turns eleven this year and I spoke to him for the first time last week since Christmas. And oh how he has changed. His face is different, he’s looking like a boy now and then I remember I left when he was seven and I think about how much time with him i have missed out on. 

My life out here is lovely. I’m not complaining but sometimes you have days when you think just get on the plane and go home we’ll figure everything out when you get there and then other days I think about how much we have achieved in the small amount of time we have been here. I think with our temporary visa it was short term but for some reason being a permanent resident feels different, not bad different just different. My dad described it as bitter sweet and from their point of view their child is half way around the world and we have to settle for a face time call every Sunday. And likewise for my my family are 30 hours away and sometimes you just want to be able to call in and say hello.

Thankfully my parents are coming out in July and I am so looking forward to that. Any decision making can wait until then.

Watch this space! 



Generation Emigration

4 Oct

So every now and again an article will crop up regarding the emigration levels from Ireland. However this time the article suggested ways to encourage us home. But what if we don’t want to come home?


Now don’t get me wrong everyday i miss my family and friends and Mark is the same and sometimes we wonder what our life would be like if we had of stayed. But we didn’t stay and we have achieved so much in the last couple of years. When we had our apartment back in Dublin we lived every month to a strict budget and after all the bills, rent and ludicrous taxes had been deducted from our wages we were lucky to be able to have a night out. Most nights were spent in the apartment. We loved that apartment and it devastated us to give it back when Mark lost his job but this was the recession kicking us big time.

We went through all our options and decided that moving away was the best one for us, and it was not an easy decision to make. I still remember saying goodbye at the airport and how much it hurt.

The article suggests giving Irish people a loan to come home so they can book tickets etc. Thank you but no thank you I will not step foot into the country already owing a debt to that shower of cowboys that lead the country. Yes the country we moved to has a higher cost of living but the quality of life is something else. For once my health is amazing and i put that down to the life I’m living out here.

But what’s the number one thing that makes this all worthwhile? Savings! Ladies and gentlemen, after bills rent and general living expenses we have money is savings. This is something that we have never had before and to be honest it feels pretty great.

While I do miss home we have to make decisions that make us happy and are right for us. No looking back now only forward and into the sunshine ☀️😊


Great news about the job but eh where are we gonna live?

26 Feb

So now we have the job organised it’s time to start setting up a home. Before we came to Bali we’d spent 8 weeks living out of a suitcase and to say I was frustrated was an understatement. I missed having a wardrobe and my clothes hanging up. Everything was mashed into this suitcase and even though it was quite a small one I could never find what I was looking for. I carried the toiletries around in a plastic shopping bag it was a nightmare.
So to hear we could finally settle down was music to my ears. But where do we settle.
We’ve decided to stay with family for the next month until we save up a bit of money for a deposit and it also gives Mark a chance to settle into the job. I have to be restrained every time we walk past K-Mart. So many things I want to buy. No where to put any of it yet.
We both agreed that we didn’t want to live in the city. I hate crowds and the feeling of being trapped so we agreed that surfers paradise was the place for us and yes I did a little dance when the decision was made. I love being by the beach and near water. I’m convinced that I was a fish or a water based animal in my last life cause you can’t keep me outta the water I just love it.
So as we get ready to leave Bali and start our new life down under I’m sure we’ll have many more adventures to come 🙂