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Sometimes things just don’t go to plan. 

27 Aug

It was with a heavy heart that I decided to pull out of my first 10k race. And to say I was disappointed would be an understatement. This was my first 10k and I wanted to do this for myself. 

Lets go back to last Sunday. Hubby was competing in true grit and I gave into that little voice in my head that said I wouldn’t be fit enough for the event and didn’t register. Truth is deep down I know I would have been well able for it but I doubted myself and this is something I have to work on. So I stood on the side lines and supported him. Throughout the day my throat got progressively worse and at one point I thought I was going to pass out. I wanted to curl up and die. By the time I got home I was on fire. I was breaking out in a fever and my skin was hot to touch. I went to bed that night and Monday morning the virus was in full swing. I went to the doctors and he confirmed that I had a viral and a chest infection. I asked him about the 10k and he said just listen to your body. 

So I listened and I didn’t like what I was hearing. My cough got worse and I became breathless. In mind I just kept saying 6 days until race day, you’ll be fine. And that carried on all week. By Friday I knew I couldn’t run it so I thought about walking it. I didn’t want to walk but because I felt like I was letting myself down. But I figured walking was better then nothing. Friday morning I walked to the bus which is only about 10 minutes from my house. It killed me. I couldn’t catch my breath and I needed to sit down. What chance did I have of walking 10k. Even as I sit here tonight, the night before race night a part of me is like you’ll be fine to do it tomorrow. I won’t be – I still can’t breath. 

So what do I do now? I move on. I get myself healthy and strong and I move on. I have signed up to Miss Muddy in September and a few of us from work are going to train together on a Tuesday evening. It’s shitty when things like this happen but it’s a great lesson in learning how to deal with disappointment. In the wise words of my dad, what is for you won’t go by you. Xo


May 1st – Colour run and clean eating 

2 May

So I did it. I finally ran 5k and I did it in 37minutes. I had been training a while for it but as it got closer to the event I suffered really bad with shin splits and on Friday before the race I hurt myself in Pilates to the point that I cried. Saturday I debated pulling out all together, the pain in my hips was still there and I had trouble moving. I stretched out that evening and had an Epsom salt bath. I also had a word with myself and told myself to put my big girl pants on and go for it. 

Sunday morning I woke up and still had the same tightness in my hips. The race was on May the 1st. Same day as my clean eating. All I wanted to do was go back to bed and eat all the chocolate I could find. Sure I could walk it if I was in too much pain. 

We arrived at the venue and the place was buzzing. It was starting to rain hard but it didn’t stop the buzz. The only thing I was disappointed in was the amount of fast food trucks there. Children eating chips and burgers at 8am. And no healthy food in sight. 

We made our way over to the start line and myself and Mark went to the right with the runners. I was nervous, I don’t know why but I was nervous. The count down from 10 to 1 started and we were off. We started running, and I ran and I ran. We hit the colour stations along the way and we were covered. I walked for about 500 metres and we were off running again. It felt natural and I could breath. There was no pain in my body and I was determined to keep going. The rain was getting heavier and I could barely see in front of me. We can’t have been more then 500 metres from the finish line and i turned to Mark and just said I couldn’t do it anymore I needed to walk. And he just told me to run for it. Make sure you dig deep and run across that finish line and I did just that. Would I have been disappointed if I walked across? Absolutely. 

I was delighted coming in at 37minutes. Fastest I have ever done it. We had a paint party afterwards to celebrate 

Naturally I was starving afterwards so I cooked up big fluffy omelettes and had a gallon of water. I had a massive headache which I think was the adrenaline but of course I convinced myself it was sugar and had a biscuit and some chocolate. Whoops minor slip up. But today is a new day and I am ready to go. I have my schedules prepared and my lunches cooked for the next four days. Looking forward to some killer workouts this week and clean eating. 

I now pronounce you husband and wife. 

25 Apr

So I often hear of girls saying they have been dreaming of their wedding day since they were small. I was never one of those girls and the thoughts of everyone staring at me made me feel ill. I’ve never been one for attention, sure i cry when people sing happy birthday to me. 

Planning a wedding from overseas was never going to be easy and the more we thought about it the more we realised it was going to be impossible. The time difference, suit fittings, food tasting and more importantly the currency conversion we were making a massive loss from dollar to euro. So why not get married abroad we thought and put the plans into action. We never wanted a big wedding and kept everything very quiet. In the lead up to the big day it was kept secret between us and our families. A lot of people asked would we liked to have family there and the answer is of course but we would never expect them to fly out here and it was far too expensive for us to come home and get married. We have booked flights for August and will celebrate when we are home but the flights alone cost us $4000. We spent less then that on the entire wedding.

Planning the wedding was pretty casual and I can honestly say thank god for Mark because he did most of the sourcing and corresponding. I ordered my dress online for approx $100 and by the time we got married I needed it taken in a bit cause I had lost some weight. I was determined to wear pink shoes. It was my stamp on the day.

 All we needed was a venue, a celebrant and a photographer once we had those we were sorted. Everything else pretty much fell into place. We had originally opted for a beach wedding but decided against it. Too windy, too busy and my biggest fear seagulls. So we opted for Mt Tamborine botanical gardens.

When we visited the gardens we knew straight away this was the place for us.  We confirmed the date with the celebrant and the photographer and we were set. 

Like anyone who has an event planned we became obsessed with the weather. Australia’s weather is insane you can have great weather for weeks and weeks and boom you plan something the weather changes. All week leading up to the Saturday it rained. I was devestated. The Friday night it poured down. We went to bed and just prayed it would be ok tomorrow. 

My hair and make up artist Helena arrived at 6.30am and we were off. Half way though my hair I sat there stuffing my face with a bacon sandwich and tea. You can take the girl outta Dublin but you can’t take Dublin outta the girl. 😝

By 1pm we were done and it was time to put my dress on. I felt sick, what if it didn’t fit, what if I didn’t like it. Thankfully as soon as I put it on I loved it and the hair and make up looked amazing with it. 

We made our way to the gardens and I flicked Mark a quick text to make sure he was there. One word text back. . . Yup. When I arrived the photographer was there and we took some pictures. As I made my way over the bridge I saw Mark and burst into tears. Val was telling me to stop crying cause I was going to ruin my make up but once the tears started they did not want to let up. Thankfully the rain kept off for the entire afternoon. Someone was watching over us. 

The Ceremony lasted about 10 minutes and before I knew it we are declared husband and wife. That was it, all done. I don’t think in the 5 years I have known Mark I have ever seen him so nervous. I thought he was going to pass out. 





We had about an hour of photographs and then went for a meal in a Greek restaurant. It was the running joke of the evening, Irish wedding in Australia eating in a Greek restaurant. There were only 7 of us there but it was a perfect day 😀. 


Wow that’s been one hell of a year.

28 Dec

Hard to believe we’re in Australia a year. And what a year it has been and to be honest when I wasn’t knocking myself out, tripping over myself and falling it’s been quiet an enjoyable year. It’s amazing how much has actually happened this year. Considering we weren’t actually meant to stay we haven’t done to badly. Surprisingly in that year we’ve only been to A&E twice- great success ( and I know what your thinking both were for me, well your wrong we had one trip each 😝)
While I sit here nursing my sunburn ( I’ll learn one day) I think back to 6 months ago to when Mark signed his contract and was sponsored for 4 years and all I could think was oh s***t now I’m gonna have to get a job, I joke but the early mornings were a killer.

Shortly after that we got our first house and I discovered the joys of Kmart. You know you have issues when you have three trolleys and only two people to push them.
Everything started falling into place and all that was left was for me to get a job. I could see Mark getting anxious. He never wanted to ask how the job hunt was going but I could hear him praying at night that I would find work. He even make charitable donations when something went our way.
Finally I got a job and I love it. I have made some great friends and they make it that little bit easier being away from home.

27/09/13 will be a day I’ll never forget. I remember walking in the door to 96 burning t-lights and thinking Jesus that’s some fire hazard as the door blew in a gust of wind, and at the top of the room knelt a very sweaty and frightened looking Mark. Of course I said yes and we’re still engaged- go us!!

So we’ve just had our first Christmas and it was different to say the least but it is what you make it.

We celebrated with family and friends and it was very enjoyable. Hot but enjoyable.

So now we’ll make the most of last few days in 2013 and look forward to welcoming 2014 which will bring visits from the families. The countdown has begun, from the pool, in the sun of course 😊☀️

Wishing you all an amazing new year xox

Well that was embarrassing

13 Aug

So it’s 6.30am and I’m wide awake. Why? Two words, body clock. Between early interviews and starting a job I’m used to being up at this hour. Defactos on a 457 visa find it tough to find work. rejection after rejection all you wait for is for someone to give you a chance.
I don’t really mind being up this early to be honest. We have tennis courts in our complex and our neighbours love nothing more then an early game of tennis. So rather then listening to the ping of the ball and random shouting, I’d prefer to be up pottering.
So good news I started my new job on Monday as an international administrator in the South Bank Institute of Technology and I am loving it.
Some of the queries do make me laugh though like ” why can’t I stand on the toilet” and ” why can’t I wash my feet in the fountain”.
These questions were asked so many times that they’ve had to put signs up around the college and install a basin for feet washing – totally bizarre.
So the 1st morning I was totally hyped for the job, fully alert, ready to go. Tuesday morning was a bit of a different story, got on the bus and sat in my usual spot. Started reading my kindle and could feel my eyes getting heavier and heavier. Looked at my watch and thought ah that’s grand I have half an hour I’ll just close my eyes for a little while – bad idea.
I had one of those falling dreams, you know the one where your falling, hit the ground and spring up like you’ve been electrocuted. In the privacy of your own home it’s fine, on a packed bus heading for the city, not so much.
I let out an unmerciful roar and woke up all the passengers that had also fallen asleep. To say I was mortified would be an understatement. I sat the rest of the journey head down, sun glasses on.
This working life will take a while to get used to but so far I’m enjoying it.


Are you kidding me? Oh your not joking she really is a judge

16 Jun

Horray so the day finally arrived for us to go and see the auditions for Australia’s got talent. I’m not gonna lie I am a massive reality tv fan. I watch it all, X factor, Britain’s got talent, Americas got talent, my kitchen rules, I watch them all. So when an opportunity for free tickets came about I was first in line.
So we waited in line for about an hour and made our way inside. Seated second last row in the back. Mark was happy with this arrangement, I could see everything so meh I was happy enough.
They had this audience entertainer for the whole show and he was actually better then some of the acts performing. Then out came the judges. The two males judges were Australian fellas I’d never heard of but gave good opinions on the acts. Next out comes ginger spice. Seriously I thought, they’re going to let her judge talent?!? Yikes!!
Now like every girl that grew up in the 90’s I was in loooooove with the spice girls. Bought all their albums, knew all their songs, scraped my hair back like sporty till I had a headache and squinty eyes. I like them all, except for ginger spice. She just did nothing for me, she was loud and annoying and pointless. I was delighted when she left and horrified when I heard she was going solo.
Thankfully in recent years she went away until today, she was that close I could have shot her if I wanted to ( I didn’t, it’s ok)
And then to complete the line up we had Dawn French. I had such high hopes for Dawn but she didn’t add much.
Geri brought very little to the table with her finest moment being that when an act told her that her grandma was the only one to not have seen her act, Geri asks “is that cause she’s dead” no Geri grandma was sitting a few rows beside you. Face palm moment if ever I saw one.
About half way through the show one of the producers asked me and mark could we come with them. They needed to keep the seats behind the judges full. We were moved to 4 rows behind the judges. Mark wasn’t impressed, me, I was delighted the cameras were on us it was great.
The acts themselves were ok, probably about 3 decent ones. Most of the afternoon was spent with breaks between acts and the judges getting their make up done.
It was a great experience and I totally enjoyed it but I think I’ll stick to watching it on telly 😃


Three months in, life has changed, have we made the right decision?

3 Apr

So sunday marked three months away from home and driving home from the Gold Coast we had plenty of time to reflect on our time here.
The last time we were down the coast it was stress central. We were like tinkers towards each other and constantly watching our money. I had a week long headache. Now it’s a completely different story. We’re actually in a routine we’re finally settled.
The days of lazing around and swimming in the barrier reef are now behind us.

It’s not a bad thing though, I think of all the stress, the phone calls and the not knowing that we went through this is a lovely feeling. Don’t get me wrong i miss views like this every morning but the weekends we make it down the coast are all the more special now.

While I do miss home and my friends and family the opportunities here for Mark outweigh us staying in Ireland. The wages and the job prospects for him out here are incredible. We now have a chance to save and pay off our loans something we couldn’t see happening back home so while Marks like this monday to Saturday

He gets to enjoy this at the weekend

And while I still haven’t got used to the 5am wake up alarm we are getting used to the Aussie lifestyle and yes I’m coming around to the idea of staying here 🙂