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Sometimes things just don’t go to plan. 

27 Aug

It was with a heavy heart that I decided to pull out of my first 10k race. And to say I was disappointed would be an understatement. This was my first 10k and I wanted to do this for myself. 

Lets go back to last Sunday. Hubby was competing in true grit and I gave into that little voice in my head that said I wouldn’t be fit enough for the event and didn’t register. Truth is deep down I know I would have been well able for it but I doubted myself and this is something I have to work on. So I stood on the side lines and supported him. Throughout the day my throat got progressively worse and at one point I thought I was going to pass out. I wanted to curl up and die. By the time I got home I was on fire. I was breaking out in a fever and my skin was hot to touch. I went to bed that night and Monday morning the virus was in full swing. I went to the doctors and he confirmed that I had a viral and a chest infection. I asked him about the 10k and he said just listen to your body. 

So I listened and I didn’t like what I was hearing. My cough got worse and I became breathless. In mind I just kept saying 6 days until race day, you’ll be fine. And that carried on all week. By Friday I knew I couldn’t run it so I thought about walking it. I didn’t want to walk but because I felt like I was letting myself down. But I figured walking was better then nothing. Friday morning I walked to the bus which is only about 10 minutes from my house. It killed me. I couldn’t catch my breath and I needed to sit down. What chance did I have of walking 10k. Even as I sit here tonight, the night before race night a part of me is like you’ll be fine to do it tomorrow. I won’t be – I still can’t breath. 

So what do I do now? I move on. I get myself healthy and strong and I move on. I have signed up to Miss Muddy in September and a few of us from work are going to train together on a Tuesday evening. It’s shitty when things like this happen but it’s a great lesson in learning how to deal with disappointment. In the wise words of my dad, what is for you won’t go by you. Xo


Sydney you are a scary place!

7 Oct

Ok so I have no doubt in my mind that in my last life I was a free range animal. I love open spaces, hate crowds and severely dislike being mushed.
As we checked in the lady on the front desk asked were we going to Sydney for the festivities. Mark and I looked at each other and said no, what’s going on. So she explained that the navy were coming to Sydney for the fleet review 2013. Ah sure no big deal we thought. WRONG!!!
We arrived late so nothing major was happening, headed to bed and started our adventure the next morning.
We made our way into Sydney city centre. We had the bridge climb booked for three o’clock so we said we’d wander around. As it turns out so did everyone else. People had been lining the harbour since 6am. We saw the naval ships come in and the aircraft display which was amazing.
At three o’clock we made our way to the bridge. That climb will prob be one of the best things I’ll do in my life.

Three and a half hours of adventure. We were lucky to see the airshow from the top of the bridge. After we were done we headed for something to eat and watch the fireworks. We didn’t say for long. There was an estimate 1.2 million people in the harbour that night and things got scary. As we made our way to the train station things got crazy. People were pushing and shoving, crowds were over turning the barriers and trapping people underneath. One Chinese kid even tried to bite me in the leg.
The train station was jammed. They had to put up safety rails to stop people shoving each other onto the tracks.
We made our way home ready to take on the next day.
Sunday we actually slept in. I guess it was all that fresh air and excitement. Again we made our way into the city and it was packed. We decided to head for darling harbour and see the aquarium and navy ships. The sea ferry was packed. Guess everyone had the same idea. The ships were amazing, mark loved them and he loved the airshow. It was a real treat for him to see the f18 super hornets.
The funniest part of being in darling harbour was seeing the women’s reactions to the sailors, the screams and giggling and the sailors loved it as much as they did.
We did the usual touristy things, the aquarium, Madame Tussaud’s and lunch. By 3pm it was baking and people we’re everywhere. Ugh oh I thought i know this feeling. Panic attack. Right in the middle of the harbour. And to make matters worse i needed the loo. Porter cabins everywhere, not a chance I thought, mid panic attack and entering a confined space. Thankfully I found a loo and we headed home.

Even though it was so crowed I’m delighted we were there for the navy it was incredible to see the celebrations and climb the bridge. We really enjoyed Sydney and have some amazing memories from there.