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From fat to well less jiggly 

29 Nov

So as most of you from July this year I went on a health kick. And when I say health kick I kicked sugar out of my life, did it last long? No. Did I learn from it? Yes. This no sugar came as a result of my residency medical, they weighed me and having to say my weight out loud gave me a kick up the bum.

So going sugar free in July was tough but I saw results. I guess up until then I was of the mentality I work out twice a week I can eat what I want. Wrong! I was just cancelling out the exercise I was doing. We went home for a month and it was dinners out, lunches out you name it I had it and what was my justification? I’m on holidays it’ll be grand. 

Come September I was ready to go again except I plateaued and it got me down big time. I was eating well, increased my work outs to 4 days a week and even started running. Every week Susie my trainer would be like we will get you running and my response would be nah you’re alright we’ll do something else. 

Mark was shedding the pounds at this point and even though we ate the same and workout the same days I was stuck. I wanted to give up at this point and I was angry. So Susie changed my meal plan and the weight started to move again. I still to this point when I look in the mirror don’t see a weight change. I very often compare myself to the state puff marshmallow man. But when I looked at pictures taken at the beginning of the year it’s a massive difference.

I guess I was also one of those people that don’t think they’re that big but looking back my weight was bad. I guess I put a lot of it down to comfort eating due to home sickness and feeling lonely having moved overseas. But that’s not a good reason to eat and I know that now. 

One year ago I couldn’t and wouldn’t run, today i ran a solid 2k in 17mins – yeah little bit proud 😊

So onwards and upwards. 4 weeks until Xmas and that means beach for us out here ☀️. 

Wish me luck xoxo