So you’ve adopted a man child. 

25 Apr

Three weeks married this weekend. How is going I hear you ask? Well he’s not dead so I’d say it’s been very successful. Has life changed? Yes i am now the proud owner of a man child. 

So this week Mark had to have an operation for a hernia and thankfully it went fine. However I was not prepared for the aftermath. It suddenly hit me as I sat by his bed holding his cup so he could drink through the straw, this man child was going to be difficult. At first it was funny, he would nod off, wake up and repeat the same story but then he uttered a sentence and I knew he was in a serious dose of man misery ” have you ever seen me look so vulnerable”.  I just looked at him and tried to reassure him it would all be fine. Or maybe I was trying to reassure myself.

After another little nano nap he decided he needed the loo. The effort of getting up and moving, he clung to the drip stand and shuffled his way along wearing his gown and knee high white circulation socks. ( I made sure the gown was sealed tight, protect what little dignity he had left). 

I left him sleeping and went off to enjoy dinner and catch up some TV. The following day he was ready to come home. This is when the characteristics of man child were fully on display. Phrases such as oh only if it’s not too much trouble for you or oh no don’t worry about I can manage it ( struggles to get out of bed) or your great aren’t you, the best wife ever. 

Thankfully this man child phase is just a symptom of his surgery and my fully functioning other half should resume his husband position shortly. If not I will be advertising on gumtree, all offers considered 😝



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