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Generation Emigration

4 Oct

So every now and again an article will crop up regarding the emigration levels from Ireland. However this time the article suggested ways to encourage us home. But what if we don’t want to come home?


Now don’t get me wrong everyday i miss my family and friends and Mark is the same and sometimes we wonder what our life would be like if we had of stayed. But we didn’t stay and we have achieved so much in the last couple of years. When we had our apartment back in Dublin we lived every month to a strict budget and after all the bills, rent and ludicrous taxes had been deducted from our wages we were lucky to be able to have a night out. Most nights were spent in the apartment. We loved that apartment and it devastated us to give it back when Mark lost his job but this was the recession kicking us big time.

We went through all our options and decided that moving away was the best one for us, and it was not an easy decision to make. I still remember saying goodbye at the airport and how much it hurt.

The article suggests giving Irish people a loan to come home so they can book tickets etc. Thank you but no thank you I will not step foot into the country already owing a debt to that shower of cowboys that lead the country. Yes the country we moved to has a higher cost of living but the quality of life is something else. For once my health is amazing and i put that down to the life I’m living out here.

But what’s the number one thing that makes this all worthwhile? Savings! Ladies and gentlemen, after bills rent and general living expenses we have money is savings. This is something that we have never had before and to be honest it feels pretty great.

While I do miss home we have to make decisions that make us happy and are right for us. No looking back now only forward and into the sunshine ☀️😊