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Wow that’s been one hell of a year.

28 Dec

Wow that’s been one hell of a year..


Wow that’s been one hell of a year.

28 Dec

Hard to believe we’re in Australia a year. And what a year it has been and to be honest when I wasn’t knocking myself out, tripping over myself and falling it’s been quiet an enjoyable year. It’s amazing how much has actually happened this year. Considering we weren’t actually meant to stay we haven’t done to badly. Surprisingly in that year we’ve only been to A&E twice- great success ( and I know what your thinking both were for me, well your wrong we had one trip each 😝)
While I sit here nursing my sunburn ( I’ll learn one day) I think back to 6 months ago to when Mark signed his contract and was sponsored for 4 years and all I could think was oh s***t now I’m gonna have to get a job, I joke but the early mornings were a killer.

Shortly after that we got our first house and I discovered the joys of Kmart. You know you have issues when you have three trolleys and only two people to push them.
Everything started falling into place and all that was left was for me to get a job. I could see Mark getting anxious. He never wanted to ask how the job hunt was going but I could hear him praying at night that I would find work. He even make charitable donations when something went our way.
Finally I got a job and I love it. I have made some great friends and they make it that little bit easier being away from home.

27/09/13 will be a day I’ll never forget. I remember walking in the door to 96 burning t-lights and thinking Jesus that’s some fire hazard as the door blew in a gust of wind, and at the top of the room knelt a very sweaty and frightened looking Mark. Of course I said yes and we’re still engaged- go us!!

So we’ve just had our first Christmas and it was different to say the least but it is what you make it.

We celebrated with family and friends and it was very enjoyable. Hot but enjoyable.

So now we’ll make the most of last few days in 2013 and look forward to welcoming 2014 which will bring visits from the families. The countdown has begun, from the pool, in the sun of course 😊☀️

Wishing you all an amazing new year xox

Christmas away from home. . Well this is going to be more difficult then I thought.

5 Dec

I love Christmas. I don’t know why but I love decorating the tree buying gifts for people and I love wrapping them. I normally end up wrapping the family’s gifts. This Christmas is my first one away from home and it’s weird. The hardest part is getting used to the weather. Normally we have the fire lit and it’s cold. This year we were in flip flops and had the aircon going.

Last Sunday we watched the late late toy show. Mark absolutely loves the show, I find it quite painful to watch. After that we agreed to put the tree up and listen to Xmas fm. I don’t know what came over me but all of a sudden I was crying my eyes out and refusing to put the tree up. I can only imagine what poor mark thought looking at me crying my eyes out hanging baubles on the Christmas tree.
Christmas was never a huge event in our house but I loved it because we were all at home. I think this is the first year I haven’t looked forward to Christmas, I’ll miss seeing the mountain of gifts for my nephew piled high and watching him rip through them like a maniac.
However the one thing I am looking forward to this year is the fact that this will be mine and marks first Christmas living together.

He enjoyed putting the tree together and took decorating it very seriously. It’s hard to believe we’re gone almost a year now, so we’ll make the most of an Aussie Xmas and who knows where we’ll be this time next year