Oh my god are you messing?!?

27 Sep

27-09-13 I was made the happiest girl in the world. My wonderful boyfriend and soul mate proposed and of course I said yes!
I never knew Mark could be so romantic. At about 4pm I got a text from Mark saying he was swamped with work and he wouldn’t get home till late. Great I thought I’ll go home, have a bath, have a sneaky bit of chocolate and chill out.
Little did I know Mark had snuck home to decorate the house and track my iPhone. He knew exactly where I was. As I approached the house it was completely dark so I wandered off down to the postbox and watched the kids in the swimming pool ( little did I know poor Mark was waiting on bended knee knowing I was close to the house)
So I arrived at the door and do you think I had my keys ready? Noooo, there i was standing outside rooting for ages for my keys.
Finally I got the door open and well I was only gob-smacked.

Mark had laid out 96 tea lights in a path to him waiting with a bunch of flowers and the ring. I cried and cried. Happy tears of course and obviously my answer was yes!

So we spent the evening facetiming all the family back home. And my lovely cousin and her boyfriend had us over for drinks. Absolutely amazing day and I’m still on cloud 9



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