And out of nowhere it just hits you . . . Damn homesickness

9 Sep

Homesickness, the current bane of my life. It’s like a ninja. One minute your feeling fine and then bam outta nowhere it hits you. At times I think I’m my own worst enemy. Take this morning for example, while on my way to work i like to read the news. I especially love the for their quirky articles. So this morning I open my app and start to read an article about stuff you miss from Ireland and I found myself getting a little upset.
To anyone who was sitting beside me it looked like I was getting upset about batch bread, heck I don’t even like batch bread. I remember turning my nose up at it when my mum used to buy it, but because I was away from home and this article was about things you miss i thought it was only fair that I identify with everything on that list.
In work I’m no longer allowed to talk to the home sick students because I over sympathise with them. “Oh you didn’t come to class cause you felt homesick? Oh I totally understand that and I know what you mean” rather then taking the firm stance of if you don’t go to class I’m gonna report to the department of immigration.
I think the only way to help with the homesickness is to keep busy. I find at idle moments i daydream about home, I hear a song on the way to work or a certain smell will remind me of home and all I can think is please let me go home. I’ll be honest though now I’m working its not happening as often but sometimes it just sneaks up and I think what the hell am I doing out here.
We’re away from home nine months this month and it is getting easier but I know Xmas is going to be one tough battle, so if I can stay away from home sick students and soppy articles about stuff i miss I’ll be aces 👍



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