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Oh my god are you messing?!?

27 Sep

27-09-13 I was made the happiest girl in the world. My wonderful boyfriend and soul mate proposed and of course I said yes!
I never knew Mark could be so romantic. At about 4pm I got a text from Mark saying he was swamped with work and he wouldn’t get home till late. Great I thought I’ll go home, have a bath, have a sneaky bit of chocolate and chill out.
Little did I know Mark had snuck home to decorate the house and track my iPhone. He knew exactly where I was. As I approached the house it was completely dark so I wandered off down to the postbox and watched the kids in the swimming pool ( little did I know poor Mark was waiting on bended knee knowing I was close to the house)
So I arrived at the door and do you think I had my keys ready? Noooo, there i was standing outside rooting for ages for my keys.
Finally I got the door open and well I was only gob-smacked.

Mark had laid out 96 tea lights in a path to him waiting with a bunch of flowers and the ring. I cried and cried. Happy tears of course and obviously my answer was yes!

So we spent the evening facetiming all the family back home. And my lovely cousin and her boyfriend had us over for drinks. Absolutely amazing day and I’m still on cloud 9



And out of nowhere it just hits you . . . Damn homesickness

9 Sep

Homesickness, the current bane of my life. It’s like a ninja. One minute your feeling fine and then bam outta nowhere it hits you. At times I think I’m my own worst enemy. Take this morning for example, while on my way to work i like to read the news. I especially love the for their quirky articles. So this morning I open my app and start to read an article about stuff you miss from Ireland and I found myself getting a little upset.
To anyone who was sitting beside me it looked like I was getting upset about batch bread, heck I don’t even like batch bread. I remember turning my nose up at it when my mum used to buy it, but because I was away from home and this article was about things you miss i thought it was only fair that I identify with everything on that list.
In work I’m no longer allowed to talk to the home sick students because I over sympathise with them. “Oh you didn’t come to class cause you felt homesick? Oh I totally understand that and I know what you mean” rather then taking the firm stance of if you don’t go to class I’m gonna report to the department of immigration.
I think the only way to help with the homesickness is to keep busy. I find at idle moments i daydream about home, I hear a song on the way to work or a certain smell will remind me of home and all I can think is please let me go home. I’ll be honest though now I’m working its not happening as often but sometimes it just sneaks up and I think what the hell am I doing out here.
We’re away from home nine months this month and it is getting easier but I know Xmas is going to be one tough battle, so if I can stay away from home sick students and soppy articles about stuff i miss I’ll be aces 👍