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Well that was embarrassing

13 Aug

So it’s 6.30am and I’m wide awake. Why? Two words, body clock. Between early interviews and starting a job I’m used to being up at this hour. Defactos on a 457 visa find it tough to find work. rejection after rejection all you wait for is for someone to give you a chance.
I don’t really mind being up this early to be honest. We have tennis courts in our complex and our neighbours love nothing more then an early game of tennis. So rather then listening to the ping of the ball and random shouting, I’d prefer to be up pottering.
So good news I started my new job on Monday as an international administrator in the South Bank Institute of Technology and I am loving it.
Some of the queries do make me laugh though like ” why can’t I stand on the toilet” and ” why can’t I wash my feet in the fountain”.
These questions were asked so many times that they’ve had to put signs up around the college and install a basin for feet washing – totally bizarre.
So the 1st morning I was totally hyped for the job, fully alert, ready to go. Tuesday morning was a bit of a different story, got on the bus and sat in my usual spot. Started reading my kindle and could feel my eyes getting heavier and heavier. Looked at my watch and thought ah that’s grand I have half an hour I’ll just close my eyes for a little while – bad idea.
I had one of those falling dreams, you know the one where your falling, hit the ground and spring up like you’ve been electrocuted. In the privacy of your own home it’s fine, on a packed bus heading for the city, not so much.
I let out an unmerciful roar and woke up all the passengers that had also fallen asleep. To say I was mortified would be an understatement. I sat the rest of the journey head down, sun glasses on.
This working life will take a while to get used to but so far I’m enjoying it.