Home sweet home

21 Jul

So after the visa was granted we decided that it was time to move onto our own place.
The most difficult thing to find when house hunting is finding one that’s fully furnished. We had found a few but they had what can only be described as dodgy holiday rental furniture. You know the ones I’m talking about, straw couches, patio furniture as ” dining furniture” and so on.
So after scanning the real estate website daily we finally found a beautiful town house seven minutes down the road. And it was furnished. All we had to bring was the suitcases, sounds simple enough right?!? Wrong!!
I don’t know how I managed it but the amount of stuff I have gained in 7 months is unnatural. I’ve actually out done myself. There was so much stuff crammed into the room I couldn’t even remember where it all came from.
So we loaded up the car and did not one, not two, not three but four runs to get everything into the house.
The house had never previously been lived in so it looked like a show home. I changed all that, bags over flowing all over the sitting room floor, the two spare beds were full of more bags and the kitchen was, yes you guessed it, full of bags.
I didn’t know where to look or start. So what did I do? Got in the car to buy more stuff to add to my mounting piles.
To be fair we did need it all, well that’s what I told myself as we wheeled two shopping trollies out of kmart.
So after 6 hours and 5 outings in the car we have finally got everything settled, actually no that’s a lie I haven’t opened the suitcases, partly cause I’m frightened and partly cause I need something to do tomorrow.
The house is starting to feel like home and delighted to say Australia we’re here to stay 😃👍☀🎉



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