It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!

22 Jun

So yesterday I turned the ripe age of 28 and what a day it was.
The joy from being away from home this year was the parcels I received. I’ll be like a little barrel by the time I’m finished them

The not so upside was the amount of homesickness and sadness I had yesterday. I don’t like my birthday as it is. I love other people’s birthdays I think they’re great but as for my own I just don’t like it. I’m not sure if its the awkwardness of accepting gifts or not knowing what to do with your self for the day I just find the whole thing weird.
So I woke up and opened my parcels and inside one was a card from my nephew. This is the first year I’ve received a card he’s written and it set of the tears.
I don’t know why but earlier in the year I genuinely thought I was gonna be home in June to pack up the rest of my stuff and have my birthday there. I sobbed like a mad woman opening the rest of my gifts and cards. Poor Mark didn’t know what to do with me.

We went out to do a few messages and collect my birthday cake which was only amazing

Mark had ordered it from the cheese cake shop and asked them to put a message on it , when the girl opened the box and showed me the cake I again burst into tears and had to leave the shop, Mark had put so much effort into it and there I was crying again.
All I could think was I want to be at home.
So we came home and got ready and while I was hanging balloons one burst and again the water works started, my brain was pleading with me to pull myself together. I’d been homesick before but this was just a whole new level.
I’d made it through the party ok until they started singing happy birthday. I hate this song. Every time I hear it I have flashbacks to a birthday I had in England where they started to sing happy birthday and I hid under the table and yes you guessed it cried.
I’d face timed home earlier that evening but found it difficult to talk. Thankfully I’ve pulled myself together today and am a lot more calm. There must have been a full moon or something last night!
Without this fella I wouldn’t have made it through the night, he looked after everything and spoiled me rotten 💕



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