Are you kidding me? Oh your not joking she really is a judge

16 Jun

Horray so the day finally arrived for us to go and see the auditions for Australia’s got talent. I’m not gonna lie I am a massive reality tv fan. I watch it all, X factor, Britain’s got talent, Americas got talent, my kitchen rules, I watch them all. So when an opportunity for free tickets came about I was first in line.
So we waited in line for about an hour and made our way inside. Seated second last row in the back. Mark was happy with this arrangement, I could see everything so meh I was happy enough.
They had this audience entertainer for the whole show and he was actually better then some of the acts performing. Then out came the judges. The two males judges were Australian fellas I’d never heard of but gave good opinions on the acts. Next out comes ginger spice. Seriously I thought, they’re going to let her judge talent?!? Yikes!!
Now like every girl that grew up in the 90’s I was in loooooove with the spice girls. Bought all their albums, knew all their songs, scraped my hair back like sporty till I had a headache and squinty eyes. I like them all, except for ginger spice. She just did nothing for me, she was loud and annoying and pointless. I was delighted when she left and horrified when I heard she was going solo.
Thankfully in recent years she went away until today, she was that close I could have shot her if I wanted to ( I didn’t, it’s ok)
And then to complete the line up we had Dawn French. I had such high hopes for Dawn but she didn’t add much.
Geri brought very little to the table with her finest moment being that when an act told her that her grandma was the only one to not have seen her act, Geri asks “is that cause she’s dead” no Geri grandma was sitting a few rows beside you. Face palm moment if ever I saw one.
About half way through the show one of the producers asked me and mark could we come with them. They needed to keep the seats behind the judges full. We were moved to 4 rows behind the judges. Mark wasn’t impressed, me, I was delighted the cameras were on us it was great.
The acts themselves were ok, probably about 3 decent ones. Most of the afternoon was spent with breaks between acts and the judges getting their make up done.
It was a great experience and I totally enjoyed it but I think I’ll stick to watching it on telly 😃



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