Not so fast and definitely not furious

11 Jun

So I went to this film with an open mind. As we all know Mark is seriously into his cars so tonight’s choice was his. Probably not the best choice of film for someone recovering from a head injury but sure it was cheap Tuesday and what else would we be doing.
So we assumed our usual seats and braced ourselves for the fast and furious part 6, yes that’s right there’s been 5 previous films and rumours of one more in the making.
The first thing I notice is how rough Vin Diesel is. Oh my god what happened to him?!? The years have not been kind. He’s grown an extra chin and looks more like chunk diesel. Mark compared him to a jelly baby.
This film should have been left back at number two. They’ve milked it so much it’s now like OAP’s adventures.
As for the rock I couldn’t help but notice he sports the same facial hair as my dad, this got very distracting through out the film.
I like to think I’m quite open minded when it comes to films but this one went far beyond all reason. No one, not even the toughest human could go through what they went through. No broken bones, no bruises nothing I hit my head on the freezer and land myself a night in a&e.
I’m fairly sure most people if they were kicked, punched, bitten and stabbed would be outta action for a few days, not these boys though their tough for their age!
The cars were great, nice to look at but that’s as far as it goes I’m afraid.
Next week it’s my choice šŸ˜



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