Friday night in a&e . . Fantastic!

7 Jun

So what started off as an innocent fridge cleaning ended up as an evening in the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Brisbane. While cleaning out the fridge I stood up too quickly and smacked my head of the freezer. Painful experience.
So I have no recollection as to what I did between hitting my head and mark arriving home from work. I remember getting to the couch and that’s it.
I casually told Mark that I hit my head and was feeling a bit sick. We drove to the medical centre and I got worse. My memory went blank and I couldn’t fill in my details. The amnesia had put me back in Ireland and I was waiting for my mum to come and see me.
Details such as my date of birth, where I was living completely disappeared. Mark had to help me with 90% of the details.
The doctor checked me over and sent me to hospital. No not the hospital I thought its Friday and if my experiences in an Irish hospital were anything to go by I knew we’d be in there for days. We got in the car and I just went down hill. I kept trying to go to sleep poor mark was trying to drive the car and keep me awake.
We arrived at the hospital and all I shouted was ” I have a cat” to anyone that would listen they’d ask me my name and I’d tell them I have a cat. For a good half an hour that’s all I said. The nurse asked me simple questions I got them all wrong. Gave them the wrong date of birth, where I lived how long I’d been in Australia and who I lived with.
I was surprised I’d been admitted so quickly and at one point I’d three doctors around me and had my ct scan and results within half an hour.
I’d never experienced anything like this. Taken in at 6pm discharged at 8.30pm. Slowly my memory came back and I was no longer telling people I had a cat. Thankfully due to an agreement between England and Australia I got all my treatment for free, one of the perks of being born in the uk! Today feels like I’ve done 10 rounds in a boxing ring but sure I’ll live to fight another day 😄



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