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It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!

22 Jun

So yesterday I turned the ripe age of 28 and what a day it was.
The joy from being away from home this year was the parcels I received. I’ll be like a little barrel by the time I’m finished them

The not so upside was the amount of homesickness and sadness I had yesterday. I don’t like my birthday as it is. I love other people’s birthdays I think they’re great but as for my own I just don’t like it. I’m not sure if its the awkwardness of accepting gifts or not knowing what to do with your self for the day I just find the whole thing weird.
So I woke up and opened my parcels and inside one was a card from my nephew. This is the first year I’ve received a card he’s written and it set of the tears.
I don’t know why but earlier in the year I genuinely thought I was gonna be home in June to pack up the rest of my stuff and have my birthday there. I sobbed like a mad woman opening the rest of my gifts and cards. Poor Mark didn’t know what to do with me.

We went out to do a few messages and collect my birthday cake which was only amazing

Mark had ordered it from the cheese cake shop and asked them to put a message on it , when the girl opened the box and showed me the cake I again burst into tears and had to leave the shop, Mark had put so much effort into it and there I was crying again.
All I could think was I want to be at home.
So we came home and got ready and while I was hanging balloons one burst and again the water works started, my brain was pleading with me to pull myself together. I’d been homesick before but this was just a whole new level.
I’d made it through the party ok until they started singing happy birthday. I hate this song. Every time I hear it I have flashbacks to a birthday I had in England where they started to sing happy birthday and I hid under the table and yes you guessed it cried.
I’d face timed home earlier that evening but found it difficult to talk. Thankfully I’ve pulled myself together today and am a lot more calm. There must have been a full moon or something last night!
Without this fella I wouldn’t have made it through the night, he looked after everything and spoiled me rotten 💕



Are you kidding me? Oh your not joking she really is a judge

16 Jun

Horray so the day finally arrived for us to go and see the auditions for Australia’s got talent. I’m not gonna lie I am a massive reality tv fan. I watch it all, X factor, Britain’s got talent, Americas got talent, my kitchen rules, I watch them all. So when an opportunity for free tickets came about I was first in line.
So we waited in line for about an hour and made our way inside. Seated second last row in the back. Mark was happy with this arrangement, I could see everything so meh I was happy enough.
They had this audience entertainer for the whole show and he was actually better then some of the acts performing. Then out came the judges. The two males judges were Australian fellas I’d never heard of but gave good opinions on the acts. Next out comes ginger spice. Seriously I thought, they’re going to let her judge talent?!? Yikes!!
Now like every girl that grew up in the 90’s I was in loooooove with the spice girls. Bought all their albums, knew all their songs, scraped my hair back like sporty till I had a headache and squinty eyes. I like them all, except for ginger spice. She just did nothing for me, she was loud and annoying and pointless. I was delighted when she left and horrified when I heard she was going solo.
Thankfully in recent years she went away until today, she was that close I could have shot her if I wanted to ( I didn’t, it’s ok)
And then to complete the line up we had Dawn French. I had such high hopes for Dawn but she didn’t add much.
Geri brought very little to the table with her finest moment being that when an act told her that her grandma was the only one to not have seen her act, Geri asks “is that cause she’s dead” no Geri grandma was sitting a few rows beside you. Face palm moment if ever I saw one.
About half way through the show one of the producers asked me and mark could we come with them. They needed to keep the seats behind the judges full. We were moved to 4 rows behind the judges. Mark wasn’t impressed, me, I was delighted the cameras were on us it was great.
The acts themselves were ok, probably about 3 decent ones. Most of the afternoon was spent with breaks between acts and the judges getting their make up done.
It was a great experience and I totally enjoyed it but I think I’ll stick to watching it on telly 😃


Not so fast and definitely not furious

11 Jun

So I went to this film with an open mind. As we all know Mark is seriously into his cars so tonight’s choice was his. Probably not the best choice of film for someone recovering from a head injury but sure it was cheap Tuesday and what else would we be doing.
So we assumed our usual seats and braced ourselves for the fast and furious part 6, yes that’s right there’s been 5 previous films and rumours of one more in the making.
The first thing I notice is how rough Vin Diesel is. Oh my god what happened to him?!? The years have not been kind. He’s grown an extra chin and looks more like chunk diesel. Mark compared him to a jelly baby.
This film should have been left back at number two. They’ve milked it so much it’s now like OAP’s adventures.
As for the rock I couldn’t help but notice he sports the same facial hair as my dad, this got very distracting through out the film.
I like to think I’m quite open minded when it comes to films but this one went far beyond all reason. No one, not even the toughest human could go through what they went through. No broken bones, no bruises nothing I hit my head on the freezer and land myself a night in a&e.
I’m fairly sure most people if they were kicked, punched, bitten and stabbed would be outta action for a few days, not these boys though their tough for their age!
The cars were great, nice to look at but that’s as far as it goes I’m afraid.
Next week it’s my choice 😝


Friday night in a&e . . Fantastic!

7 Jun

So what started off as an innocent fridge cleaning ended up as an evening in the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Brisbane. While cleaning out the fridge I stood up too quickly and smacked my head of the freezer. Painful experience.
So I have no recollection as to what I did between hitting my head and mark arriving home from work. I remember getting to the couch and that’s it.
I casually told Mark that I hit my head and was feeling a bit sick. We drove to the medical centre and I got worse. My memory went blank and I couldn’t fill in my details. The amnesia had put me back in Ireland and I was waiting for my mum to come and see me.
Details such as my date of birth, where I was living completely disappeared. Mark had to help me with 90% of the details.
The doctor checked me over and sent me to hospital. No not the hospital I thought its Friday and if my experiences in an Irish hospital were anything to go by I knew we’d be in there for days. We got in the car and I just went down hill. I kept trying to go to sleep poor mark was trying to drive the car and keep me awake.
We arrived at the hospital and all I shouted was ” I have a cat” to anyone that would listen they’d ask me my name and I’d tell them I have a cat. For a good half an hour that’s all I said. The nurse asked me simple questions I got them all wrong. Gave them the wrong date of birth, where I lived how long I’d been in Australia and who I lived with.
I was surprised I’d been admitted so quickly and at one point I’d three doctors around me and had my ct scan and results within half an hour.
I’d never experienced anything like this. Taken in at 6pm discharged at 8.30pm. Slowly my memory came back and I was no longer telling people I had a cat. Thankfully due to an agreement between England and Australia I got all my treatment for free, one of the perks of being born in the uk! Today feels like I’ve done 10 rounds in a boxing ring but sure I’ll live to fight another day 😄


Time to sign on the dotted line

6 Jun

So fantastic news today. Mark was offered a permanent position with Linde. It’s hard to believe that our original plan was to go and work in New Zealand for a year and go home. Once we got to Australia we both loved the place so much we kept putting off booking flights to NZ.
On a trip to my aunts house we decided to call into Linde and see if there were any jobs going. Luckily they were interviewing and Mark was asked to send in a cv and well the rest is history cause he got the job.
Throughout all the weeks of waiting and endless follow up calls I constantly had my dads saying in the back of my mind “what’s for you won’t go by you”.
So after his medical on Monday, which he passed with flying colours we finally received the contract this morning. Needless to say we were both delighted and are looking forward to getting the sponsorship sorted.
Once everything is sorted I can finally get out working and the joy of house hunting begins.
I am so proud of Mark and everything he has managed to achieve so far. It’s been one hell of a journey but its so worth it xox



Oh you smoothie you!

2 Jun

So after a friend of mine asked me to blog about my smoothies and share what I put in them, I decided to write this quick guide.
The one thing I noticed about being in Australia is everyone is active and fit. Nothing says this more then a granny running past you. So I decided right time to shed these few extra pounds and get fit.
I’ve always loved smoothies but the price out here is pure robbery so we decided to make our own. So off we headed to kmart and picked ourselves up a smoothie maker for $29 and picked up a mountain of fruit and yogurt and off we went.
So the first one we made was the

inner goddess smoothie

3 handfuls of blueberries
3 apples
3 bananas
450g of vanilla yogurt

fruity fiesta
150mls cranberry juice
150g strawberries
150g blueberries
375g vanilla yogurt

Banana Delight
2 x medium bananas
3 x tsp honey
500g vanilla yogurt

Strawberry Surprise
Bananas x 2
Strawberry x 1 punnet
450g yogurt
100mls of Orange Juice

All these smoothies are tried and tested and delicious. I find them a great way to get my daily intake of fruit and to help keep the sugar cravings at bay. So between these and the box fit classes I’ll be flying 😄