Noosa you’ve captured my heart.

12 May

Noosa, playground to the rich and famous but my god it is beautiful.
We left Brisbane on a damp and miserable Saturday morning and battled our way down the Bruce highway. There were times when we couldn’t see the road in front of us.

After approx 2 hours we arrived complete with school bag, sports bag, cooler, handbag and bags full of towels. You’d never of guessed that we were only gone for one night! The motel was beautiful we stayed at Clearwater Noosa. The motel was sheltered with beautiful trees and garden features. They also had two warm water pools with seating area and BBQ.
The apartment was great, private balcony over looking the pool, large sitting room and spacious bedroom and bathroom. We ended up spending the night in the apartment due to the bad weather. Sure nothing better then a night in with pizza and back to the future.

Sunday morning rolled around and the sun was shining and not a cloud in the sky. We went to Elvis’s for breakfast which looked out over the river. It was amazing. To sit there looking out at the river was just breathtaking. We did notice that its definitely a playground for the rich. Camper vans that look better then some of places we’ve stayed, jet skis on the back of cars, boats on the river.
We made our way to main beach. It was nothing like I’d see before. It was absolutely beautiful. The sand was so clean and the water was crystal clear. We spent about an hour at the beach. I finally braved the bigger waves. I think I ate more sand and salt water but it was well worth it i had so much fun.

So we made our way back to Brisbane and booked a weekend away to Byron Bay. A beach junkie I have now become ☀


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