Haters gonna hate but your true friends are great.

6 May

Yup so there’s me. That’s a picture that was taken last Saturday. This was the picture that prompted comments such as ” Jesus have you seen Sinead lately looks like she’s piled on the weight since moving to Australia” and ” ha if she wants to go home the airline will charge her for a double seat”. Charming eh?.

The second picture prompted comments such as ” oh I didn’t know they let hippos run free on the beach”. That comment hurt the most. I thought long and hard about blogging about this but then I thought no one should be made to feel the way I did today.
These comments came from people I actually knew. I don’t know if they thought I couldn’t see them but they didn’t hold back. I don’t understand the reason behind this attack. I’m not a nasty person I genuinely get on with most people I meet.
I tried to laugh it off when I first seen the comments. But as the day went on the comments were playing over and over in my mind. Every time I walked by a mirror I’d stop and think maybe their right. So by afternoon I was so wound up I vented on Facebook.

I thought if I can see their comments then here’s one for them.
By dinner time their comments were the only thing going through my head I needed out. So I put on my runners and went. By the time I had finished my head was pounding. Why was I letting them get to me?. I checked Facebook when I got home and had a massive amount of notifications. Messages of support from friends and family telling me to ignore them it was jealousy. That they obv had nothing else better to do. I was starting to feel better. By late this evening I felt exhausted and just burst into tears and cried and cried.
I was more annoyed then anything that these two people had the nerve to go through my photos and make comments like that. Who were they to judge me? Nobodies! Why I even let their comments upset me is beyond me.
So I’ve decided to use their hate to motivate me. I have great friends and family and I do not need their negativity. With a simple click of a button they were gone, so long, see ya!



2 Responses to “Haters gonna hate but your true friends are great.”

  1. Liezl Ruurds May 6, 2013 at 1:26 pm #

    You go girlie!!! Love ya lots xxx

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