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Pick yourself up Sinead, the whole beach is watching.

19 May

Last time I was in Byron Bay this was the view I had

Skydiving from 14,000, free falling for 60 seconds. Needless to say I don’t remember a whole lot of it.
So with the sun shining we made our way down pacific highway byron bay bound. If Byron was anymore laid back it would be laying down. The place is so mellow and chilled out. Land of the surfer with scruffy hair and the dog with the bandana.
We pulled into our motel and threw the bags in the room. We grabbed the body boards and headed for the beach.

This time I decided to try my hand at bodyboarding. We walked out to sea for what seemed like ages. Finally a wave came and I jumped on the board. Wipeout!!! Straight into the water face down, mouth full of sand. Blugh I felt like I’d been smacked in the back of the head with a hammer. So I managed to pick myself up and smack winded by a massive wave. I looked at mark as if to say and what part of this do you find enjoyable. I stomped out of the sea. Just as I reached the shore I missed a dip and face planted the water. I looked up and the whole beach was looking at me. I picked myself up and tried to act like nothing happened, least nobody knew me!!
So I got back to the towel. Blew all the salt water out of my nose and decided I was heading back in. Right I’m gonna try this bodyboarding again. So I got back on board and yeehaw I caught my first wave. It was amazing. The rush was something else. So I gave the board back to mark and paddled around. Next thing I see this dog, not only swimming quicker then me but further out then me. Well that was awkward and he looked like an old dog!.
About 3.30pm it was turning chilly so we decided to head back. Showered and clean we got ready for dinner. We decided to head to Hogs Breath. It’s a bit like TGI’s back home. It was quiet enough so we managed to get a table. The service was dreadful. We waited ages for our food and it was as dry. I might as well have licked the table for more flavour.
Right lets try desert. Hogs breath rocky road. Sounded amazing. When this desert came out it was the size of my head. This thing never ended. We ate and ate and ate. No let up I couldn’t see the bottom, eventually I gave up swiftly followed by mark.

We headed back to the motel and watched movies. Our original plan for Sunday was to hit the beach early but it was so cold we had to give it a miss. We opted for a trip to the Byron Bay lighthouse

The views from here were beyond words I genuinely haven’t seen views like this before. It was beautiful and the further up we went the more amazing it was.

While looking out to sea I spotted a trio of dolphins, I actually thought I was going to have a panic attack from excitement. I didn’t know there were dolphins off the coast let alone that we’d actually see them. My weekend had just been made complete. We watched them for ages. We made our way around the light house and the coast.
Finally it was time to head home. Byron was simply amazing. We loved every minute of it. ☀💜☀



Noosa you’ve captured my heart.

12 May

Noosa, playground to the rich and famous but my god it is beautiful.
We left Brisbane on a damp and miserable Saturday morning and battled our way down the Bruce highway. There were times when we couldn’t see the road in front of us.

After approx 2 hours we arrived complete with school bag, sports bag, cooler, handbag and bags full of towels. You’d never of guessed that we were only gone for one night! The motel was beautiful we stayed at Clearwater Noosa. The motel was sheltered with beautiful trees and garden features. They also had two warm water pools with seating area and BBQ.
The apartment was great, private balcony over looking the pool, large sitting room and spacious bedroom and bathroom. We ended up spending the night in the apartment due to the bad weather. Sure nothing better then a night in with pizza and back to the future.

Sunday morning rolled around and the sun was shining and not a cloud in the sky. We went to Elvis’s for breakfast which looked out over the river. It was amazing. To sit there looking out at the river was just breathtaking. We did notice that its definitely a playground for the rich. Camper vans that look better then some of places we’ve stayed, jet skis on the back of cars, boats on the river.
We made our way to main beach. It was nothing like I’d see before. It was absolutely beautiful. The sand was so clean and the water was crystal clear. We spent about an hour at the beach. I finally braved the bigger waves. I think I ate more sand and salt water but it was well worth it i had so much fun.

So we made our way back to Brisbane and booked a weekend away to Byron Bay. A beach junkie I have now become ☀

Haters gonna hate but your true friends are great.

6 May

Haters gonna hate but your true friends are great..

Haters gonna hate but your true friends are great.

6 May

Yup so there’s me. That’s a picture that was taken last Saturday. This was the picture that prompted comments such as ” Jesus have you seen Sinead lately looks like she’s piled on the weight since moving to Australia” and ” ha if she wants to go home the airline will charge her for a double seat”. Charming eh?.

The second picture prompted comments such as ” oh I didn’t know they let hippos run free on the beach”. That comment hurt the most. I thought long and hard about blogging about this but then I thought no one should be made to feel the way I did today.
These comments came from people I actually knew. I don’t know if they thought I couldn’t see them but they didn’t hold back. I don’t understand the reason behind this attack. I’m not a nasty person I genuinely get on with most people I meet.
I tried to laugh it off when I first seen the comments. But as the day went on the comments were playing over and over in my mind. Every time I walked by a mirror I’d stop and think maybe their right. So by afternoon I was so wound up I vented on Facebook.

I thought if I can see their comments then here’s one for them.
By dinner time their comments were the only thing going through my head I needed out. So I put on my runners and went. By the time I had finished my head was pounding. Why was I letting them get to me?. I checked Facebook when I got home and had a massive amount of notifications. Messages of support from friends and family telling me to ignore them it was jealousy. That they obv had nothing else better to do. I was starting to feel better. By late this evening I felt exhausted and just burst into tears and cried and cried.
I was more annoyed then anything that these two people had the nerve to go through my photos and make comments like that. Who were they to judge me? Nobodies! Why I even let their comments upset me is beyond me.
So I’ve decided to use their hate to motivate me. I have great friends and family and I do not need their negativity. With a simple click of a button they were gone, so long, see ya!