Promotions, visa extensions and finally feeling stress free.

25 Apr

Well what a weeks it’s been. What started out as a frantic search for flights to New Zealand ended in us chilling out on ANZAC day enjoying the sunshine.
Part of my visa condition is that I have to leave the county every three months. Can be as little as a day but I have to be registered as leaving. It’s a complete pain esp if Mark has to take time of work. So I got the idea of emailing the embassy and asking them did I really have to leave.
So I get the auto email back saying it’ll take 2-5 days to get a response. 10 days later they send me a message that the CIA couldn’t work out. No kidding it took me about 4 attempts to understand what they were saying. Worst cut and paste job I’ve even seen.
So eventually we work out that I have to apply for an extension. That seems handy enough. So I get through the 6 page application and bam I’m hit with a $290 fee for the visa. To be honest I’d prefer to pay that then buy flights to New Zealand. Within the hour confirmation came through and I’m good to stay, biggest relief ever.
Other good news this week was that Mark got a promotion. He’s now assistant supervisor. And we’re absolutely delighted. He’s now got lots more responsibility and he’s able to progress his career chances he’s never had before. While he is finding it tough at the moment he’s enjoying the challenge and it’s so good to see him enjoy what he’s doing.
So it’s safe to say things are really working out and we couldn’t be happier 🙂



One Response to “Promotions, visa extensions and finally feeling stress free.”

  1. glenn o sullivan April 27, 2013 at 6:51 am #

    Happy days ,

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