Three months in, life has changed, have we made the right decision?

3 Apr

So sunday marked three months away from home and driving home from the Gold Coast we had plenty of time to reflect on our time here.
The last time we were down the coast it was stress central. We were like tinkers towards each other and constantly watching our money. I had a week long headache. Now it’s a completely different story. We’re actually in a routine we’re finally settled.
The days of lazing around and swimming in the barrier reef are now behind us.

It’s not a bad thing though, I think of all the stress, the phone calls and the not knowing that we went through this is a lovely feeling. Don’t get me wrong i miss views like this every morning but the weekends we make it down the coast are all the more special now.

While I do miss home and my friends and family the opportunities here for Mark outweigh us staying in Ireland. The wages and the job prospects for him out here are incredible. We now have a chance to save and pay off our loans something we couldn’t see happening back home so while Marks like this monday to Saturday

He gets to enjoy this at the weekend

And while I still haven’t got used to the 5am wake up alarm we are getting used to the Aussie lifestyle and yes I’m coming around to the idea of staying here 🙂


One Response to “Three months in, life has changed, have we made the right decision?”

  1. glenn o sullivan April 3, 2013 at 6:08 pm #

    magic. how did u get the car fixed ?did the garage fix it for yis under warranty,is it running well again ?

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