So much fun so little time

31 Mar

So what better way to spend the easter weekend then back in the place we love. Marks now been a month in the job and it’s been tough going. Up at 5am home at 5pm and working Saturdays. So the easter break came at the right time.
Saturday morning we loaded up the car and head off on the highway. I’d had my hair done on Thursday and thanks to the lack of air conditioning in the car we had to drive really fast with the windows down so needless to say I arrived looking like I’d been pulled through a bush backwards.
So we checked in at the hostel and made our way to build a bear. I’d had my eye on the limited edition Irish bear and I love him.

So after building the bear we decided what better way to spend the afternoon then going up against each other in mini golf. So what did I learn from the mini golf? I do not have the ability to control my temper towards that little ball. There were a few times when I could see mark flinch when i swung for the ball. It was however a great way to spend an hour and we had a laugh. Later that evening we did the Ferris wheel and went for dinner.

The hostel is quite close to the beach but Mark had heard about a beach attached to a creek. It was beautiful. The water was so clear and the sun was shining, great way to spend Easter Sunday. I tried my hand at body boarding but didn’t really have the coordination, I actually manage to trip myself up at times but was quite happy to have a paddle and a swim. Mark on the other hand was out to sea with his board. Few times he came whizzing by me with a massive smile on his face.
By midday we were ready to leave and head for lunch. And where else would we go on a Sunday but the infamous Waxy’s for the $2 steak and it was Delish no better way then to celebrate three months away from home

We’ll return to Brisbane tomorrow after what has been an amazing weekend. It’s hard to believe we’ve been gone from home three months today and with big things to come over the next few months we are really looking forward to it!



One Response to “So much fun so little time”

  1. livingthediscodream April 1, 2013 at 10:03 am #

    Sounds so relaxing x

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