You want how much for it??

1 Mar

So it’s official Mark signed all his paperwork and starts the job on Monday. We’re delighted. It’ll be weird being separated having spent the last 6 months literally living in each others pockets.
So once the paper work was signed we were against the clock to find a car. Where we are living at the moment is very close to marks work but no transport goes there so car was our only option. We went from car lot to car lot looking for something cheap and reliable. Car prices are so different out here. Back home you’d pick up a cheap run around no problem out here not so cheap and not so little. The prices for older cars are insane. One lot we went to looked like a total pikey set up and they looked completely dodgy. So we ran outta there pronto.
While on the buses we constantly checked gumtree, continually refreshing the feed.
Bingo, Mark spotted a car and we wanted it. So we made our way across Brisbane to a less pikey looking site. And there was our Camry. Compared to the other cars we’ve driven this thing was like a tank, an automatic tank at that. When we took it on the test drive I could see Mark looking for the clutch. No clutch there buddy keep your foot on the floor.
So we decided we’d take it. Can you believe for a 1996 car it cost us $2250 we made sure to get a warranty with that. I can’t believe when I got my first car a 99 fiesta it only cost me €900.
So the car is home and Mark is ready for his first day. The last week has been completely life changing but I have to admit I am totally loving it 🙂



One Response to “You want how much for it??”

  1. livingthediscodream March 13, 2013 at 1:19 pm #

    That’s hilarious! x

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