Great news about the job but eh where are we gonna live?

26 Feb

So now we have the job organised it’s time to start setting up a home. Before we came to Bali we’d spent 8 weeks living out of a suitcase and to say I was frustrated was an understatement. I missed having a wardrobe and my clothes hanging up. Everything was mashed into this suitcase and even though it was quite a small one I could never find what I was looking for. I carried the toiletries around in a plastic shopping bag it was a nightmare.
So to hear we could finally settle down was music to my ears. But where do we settle.
We’ve decided to stay with family for the next month until we save up a bit of money for a deposit and it also gives Mark a chance to settle into the job. I have to be restrained every time we walk past K-Mart. So many things I want to buy. No where to put any of it yet.
We both agreed that we didn’t want to live in the city. I hate crowds and the feeling of being trapped so we agreed that surfers paradise was the place for us and yes I did a little dance when the decision was made. I love being by the beach and near water. I’m convinced that I was a fish or a water based animal in my last life cause you can’t keep me outta the water I just love it.
So as we get ready to leave Bali and start our new life down under I’m sure we’ll have many more adventures to come 🙂



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