Australia, we’re here to stay!

25 Feb

So Horray! The title says it all really, australia we’re here to stay. While we spent time on the Gold Coast Mark just fell more and more in love with the place and we were both dragging our heels on moving onto NZ.
While up in Brisbane one afternoon Mark just decided that he was going to call into Linde and see if there were any jobs going. Linde is the company Mark previously worked for. So he hopped outta the van and no more then two minutes later he was back. My heart sank, he was out that quickly it had to be a no. I felt sick. Mark hopped back in and looked at me with a cheeky grin. He’d manage to talk to the workshop manager and yes they were looking for staff. This has to be fate I thought. To be honest though, the moment I stepped foot on the Gold Coast I knew we were meant to be here and I wanted to stay.
So we sent off a cv and waited for an interview. Finally the phone rang, interview on Wednesday in the morning. We danced around with joy thankfully no one saw us!
Mark was up at the crack of dawn he couldn’t sleep all night thinking about the interview. We’d rented a car and I decided to go along for the spin.
Well we didn’t spin anywhere the most we did was creep. There’d been an accident on the highway and the traffic had been completed backed up. There was no chance of us making it on time and Mark was sweating like you couldn’t imagine. The air con wasn’t working cause we were going so slow.
Mark rang ahead and told them he was running late. Finally we arrive in Brisbane and I wish Mark luck. The minutes tick by. He’s been in there ages I thought it must be a good sign. Over an hour later Mark emerged from the interview looking relieved.
That went really well he said and meant it. He was secretly confident but I would be too with five years experience under my belt.
The next few weeks were painful. The one thing we’ve learnt is the Australians are not in any rush. Mark rang time after time after time everytime we made more progress with the job but nothing significant. We were pumping more and more money into hostels. Family was telling us to move on but Mark refused to give up.
Money was running out so we decided to move in with family and finally last Wednesday we got the news we needed. The job was officially Marks and he could start when he got the visa.
We decided to get holiday visas to come to Australia so as not to waste the work holiday one. One condition of the work holiday visa is that your out of Australia when you apply for it so that’s how we ended up in Bali.
The visa has been granted and Mark is free to start work when he’s back in Brisbane.
Needless to say we’re both absolutely delighted that he got the job and that we can stay in Australia 🙂



One Response to “Australia, we’re here to stay!”

  1. glenn o sullivan February 25, 2013 at 5:20 pm #

    well done happy days ,

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