Roommate Roulette

9 Feb

So we’re back in the beloved hostel. Plan was to head to New Zealand this weekend but an opportunity has come up and we’re gonna chase it.
So I’ve often said that living in a hostel is like roommate roulette you never know who’s gonna walk through that door and this week has definitely been one for the bizarre.
I actually quite enjoy hostel living you meet new people, providing their sociable their good to talk to and generally have a bit of a laugh with. Well this week wasn’t going to be anything like that. Our first roommates were lovely an English fella and a Scottish girl. Very easy to talk to and a good laugh and it turned out they spent sometime in Naas. But they up and left and from then it just went down hill.
That evening a foreign couple arrived and made it quite clear that they didn’t want to share an apartment, tough luck buddy we were here first and we ain’t moving. Then he got even more annoyed we he discovered that they had two single beds, oh no shock horror single beds, first world problems mate, I thought. He was so annoyed by this he marched the hostel worker down to the office to demand a double bed. It didn’t help matters that we left our room door open with our lovely double bed on display.
He was told that if they spent one night in the twin room they’d be sorted with a double bed the next day. He then for the rest of the night proceeded to bang doors and complain very loudly that it was unfair that we had a double bed and he didn’t. 9am the next morning he stomped down to reception and demanded his double bed. He was a delighted.
Last night we had Pete come join us, I actually thought he was here to fix something cause he didn’t really fit the backpacker image.
I had set the table and mark had gone off to get dinner. Pete looked quite happy when he seen the table had been set( did he really think he was going to get dinner?!?) he introduced himself and sat down beside me well this is awkward I thought, does he think he’s going to have dinner with me? In walks Mark and I dunno who was more put out Pete cause Mark showed up or Mark cause Pete took his seat and clearly thought we were going to have dinner. I might point out at this point that Pete was in his 60’s. He up and left and headed over to the bar to try his luck with the ladies, me and mark had full view from the sitting room and found it quite amusing.
Having not had much luck he made his way back home. Now what people do in their own homes is there own business but when in a hostel if you need the loo or a shower you lock the door. Now I don’t think Pete was aware of this and for the whole evening he pee’d with the door open and to make things awkward our room is right beside the loo. I was glued to the couch all evening until I thought we were safe to move about. This morning he then opted to shower not once, not twice but three times with the door open. That’s really not something I want to see . . . Ever!!! Thankfully he’s checked out now and we’re on our own but something tells me it won’t be like that for long



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