Skittle bomb they said, think I’m having a heart attack I said

26 Jan

So over the last few days I’ve been suffering with a bit of anxiety it’s 4 weeks since we left home and the whole moving away process was catching up on me.
The rain had pretty much cancelled all celebrations so we headed to a friends apartment to celebrate what was left of Australia Day.
Started off with a BBQ which was Delish and a few drinks. I made the mistake of drinking coke with the Malibu, it was the first thing I grabbed in the bottle shop. I could feel my heart rate increasing again. After we’d eaten it started to calm down again and I was feeling ok.
We headed on to another apartment and that’s when we were introduced to “skittle bomb”. Skittle bomb is made up from red bull, Cointreau, and black current cordial. The name comes from it’s sweet smell that reminds you of eating a packet of skittles. First one went down far to easy, this drink was sweet and tasty. Two of the main reasons I drink Malibu as I don’t like the bitterness of vodka. Shots two, three and four went exactly the same way.
At first I was fine but then as I stood quietly in the corner checking my phone it literally felt like my head exploded. It was like I was walking on marshmallows. Mark knew straight away that the drink had hit me, esp when I went to sit on the stool and missed, luckily I didn’t fall and just looked a bit wobbly. Australia Day was in full swing!
Water that’s what I need I thought, get a few glasses into and I’ll be grand. Within seconds it looked like my heart was coming out of my chest. I was sweating and felt boxed in. Only 10 of us in the apartment but I felt trapped. By 11pm I was minutes away from hitting full on panic attack. I called Mark over and said I needed to go. We said our goodbyes and headed home.
As we left the apartment and stepped outside it was like someone had smacked me in the face with a frying pan. It was like I had finished off the Malibu. My legs didn’t want to work and I was making very little sense. I slipped down paths, tripped over my own feet and got the worst hiccups for the whole way home that sounded like a puppy yelping. To top it off it was lashing and before we were even half way home I was soaked straight through but to be honest I was to gone to realise.
We eventually made it back to the hostel and dried off. Mark crashed out although you would too with 10 beers and 4 skittle bombs inside you. I lay awake watching room spin ( turns out we had the fan on and I was watching that).
So this morning as I lay here in a delicate state I have come to the conclusion that anything with the word bomb in it is lethal. And I only pray to god that the weather improves so I can get $2 steaks with chicken salt chips!



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