Rain on a bank holiday! Sure we’d expect nothing different.

26 Jan

“Close up all the windows and tie everything down” not what you want to hear as Australia Day approaches. Cars in their hundreds descended on the coast with their cars packed to the brim for a fun filled weekend. The ducks are the only ones who’ll enjoy this weekend.
On thursday the rain started,it was a novelty at first. We welcomed it, it helped to bring down the temperature. But 3 days in its starting to lose its appeal esp with the thought of lasting the whole week.
Weather warnings all over the news and people scrambling around the hostel to tie everything down. The wind and rain started to rip through the hostel by 10pm the walkways and tennis court were flooded. We laid awake last night listening to building take a hammering.
The rain along with only having 3 channels was starting to do our head in. We missed walking the beach which they’ve closed today due to dangerously high tides.
Cabin fever was creeping in. Both of us twitching and fidgeting.
We thought we’d find escape in the local shopping centre – wrong, everyone else had the same idea. The car park was full and all that was left was roof parking which was flooding quickly.
I jumped out of the van into a puddle that was ankle deep. Bye bye flip flops you’ll be going in the bin! The whole shopping centre is opened planned so there was no roof. It was almost like we’d forgotten what rain was. We hadn’t seen any in a month so it was like a new concept to us.
We took shelter in Kmart which fascinated us for a good hour.
The rain continued to lash down and people just looked miserable. We were used to it raining on bank holidays so this was nothing new. We made our way to Coles to get some comfort food and when we came out to the shopping centre the roads were starting to flood. Time to go we thought and waded back to the van and drove home to the hostel.
On a happier note 230 Irish people get their citizenship today so there’s a reason to celebrate!! 🙂



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