Ireland the world is laughing at you but I for one don’t think it’s funny!

23 Jan

I know this blog is about the australian adventure but I over heard a conversation today and felt I had to talk about it.
Ireland everyone is laughing and even our own are turning their backs. While Mark was at a meeting today I couldn’t help over hear a conversation between a group of Irish and Aussies. They were clearly talking about the recent judgement in a abuse case that was decided upon this week.
Only in Ireland could you receive a longer sentence for not paying import duty on garlic. As the women said the law will punish you more for evading tax then abusing a child and not only just a child but your own child. Equality at its finest there. I’ve had the mis fortune of being a juror in one of Paul Carney’s trials and wouldn’t rate him as a decent judge. During the case he played on his blackberry, looked like he was asleep for most of it and then imposed a sentence that brought the jury to tears. A life sentence for a young man. However a similar case had also been before the courts that week and they felt that a few years with a bulk of the sentencing suspended was fair. Two very identical cases, yet ruled very differently. Fair?!? I think not!
For the first time I actually felt ashamed to be Irish they way they talked about our nation. How we continue to bail out banks who got us into this mess in the first place. A nation that once was so proud of its success story, how they turned themselves around and was once a country that had international companies climbing over each other to enter is now a laughing stock.
I’ve often heard people referring to us in Australia as the polish of Ireland. We all jumped ship when things got bad.
Someone on Facebook has set up a group called “Ireland’s abandoners” and had warned us that we will not be allowed the country once it turns itself around. I stayed for 4 years in the recession, had tax increases imposed, pay freezes, outsourced and to top it off have a boyfriend who lost his job.
Why would we stay? With the government insisting on pumping more and more money into the banks is it any wonder people are laughing at us.
Five years ago when I first came out here I was proud to be Irish when people called me British I corrected them straight away but it’s hard to be proud of a country that continually let’s people down. If it was anywhere else there would be riots, work stoppages, the works but no as Christy Moore says we’ve become a nation of “docile, obedient sh*t-takers”.
Ireland is really letting its people down at the moment and it’s sad to see. A country once so proud of its underdog story is now the punch line to everyone’s joke.
As a side note to my Irish readers, Fiona’s family have organised a peaceful march for justice. They will be marching from Bray county council at 4pm on the 26th if your free please show your support.



One Response to “Ireland the world is laughing at you but I for one don’t think it’s funny!”

  1. magentalemon January 23, 2013 at 3:00 am #

    Don’t worry. Shameful judicial decisions are taken all over. The only thing we can do is denounce them, like you do, and push for change.

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