Mark . . . I think he wants to fight me!!

21 Jan

Now first things first. I don’t like Steve Irwin. He just annoyed me from everything he said to the way he acted. He just wasn’t for me. “Strooth there’s a laaaaaarge croc” I’d hear coming from the telly. Ok ok I may have added in some Alf Stewart in there but you get the point.
As we arrived in the zoo there was a large picture of Steve holding or hugging (I’m not sure) a crocodile. Great I thought his face is going to be everywhere. So we parked up and made our way into the zoo. $59 per adult which I thought was a bit steep at first but once I got in there it was totally worth it.
The have a huge variety of animals there. From reptiles to koalas to kangaroos. So we made out way around the zoo and made it to kangaroo heaven fed a few of the animals and wandered on.
Mark wanted to go the African part of the zoo so we passed the red kangaroos not a problem but then on the way back it all kicked off :-/
So there i was walking along minding my own business might I add and outta no where this massive kangaroo starts running at me. And not just like oh hi have you any food, it was more like he wanted to fight me! So I ran and he ran a little bit and stopped so I thought grand he’s calmed down. Nope wrong again, he takes off after me this time blocking the exit and assuming fighter stance while bobbing left and right. I genuinely thought this kangaroo was gonna do some damage.
Thankfully new people showed up and he got distracted so I made my escape!
We then made our way to the arena where they show birds in flight and crocodile feeding. Mark was in his element at this part it was defo one of his favourites.
While walking around the zoo I got a sense of sadness. Now by no means am I a Steve Irwin fan but the zoo has made it a lovely place of dedication to him. You can see he had a real passion for what he did and lived every day to the full. The zoo documents his career in a very fitting tribute and it is an absolute shame that he was killed so young.
The zoo will always act as a reminder for the work he did and the passion he had. You can tell everyone who worked with him thought very highly of him, they mention him in all the live shows and his wife and daughter still make appearances at the zoo.
It really is a lovely place to visit and well worth the money 🙂



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