So I have the co-ordination of a drunk

18 Jan

So the title says it all. I couldn’t get to grips with the scooter at all. I wobbled, I over shot the corners and nearly took out one of the instructors within the 1st hour.
It’s no secret that I don’t enjoy driving I only do it if necessary and prefer it when Mark drives. But he kept reassuring me, it’ll be grand he said, it’s an automatic he said.
From the get go I was nervous. I was sweating and shaking, this can’t be right I thought but carried on. After about an hour I was beginning to dislike it more and more this really wasn’t for me. To spend 3 hours doing this wasn’t appealing at all.
So yes I quit I gave it a good hour and just didn’t take to it. But the best was yet to come. As we’d driven out so far I couldn’t just turn around and go home.
So they loaded my bike onto the bus and I got to ride pillion on Celines motorbike. It was awesome I’d never been on the back of a bike before so this was all new to me. Zipping along at 80mph along the winding roads felt incredible it’s a pure rush. I got to see everything there were wild kangaroo hopping all over the place. Finally I felt relaxed. They nickname the pillions “Koalas” prob cause we hang on for dear life. It was quite enjoyable ripping past the group who were limited to 50mph.
Mark was having an absolute blast on the bike but sure he loves anything with an engine in it. A couple of times he tried to put the foot down but we just wizzed by him.
Scooteroos is a fantastic idea and great value for money. The team are great fun, very helpful and up for a laugh if you ever pass through 1770 give them a visit.
I’m glad I at least tried it and so what if it’s not for me no shame in that. I’d of been more annoyed if I didn’t give it a go. So tomorrow we head for the barrier reef it’s more my kinda thing I heart the ocean 🌊



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