Ever had so much fun you’d forgotten where you lived?

17 Jan

So one funny moment from yesterday that I forgot to mention was the couple we met on the tour yesterday. We first met them outside the holiday site waiting for the bus. We’d seen them a couple of time through out the day but when we got the return coach we had to tell the driver where we were going and they would allocate a bus.
Everyone was seated except these two. No matter how had they tried they couldn’t remember where they lived. Mark and myself watched them out the window in amusement and couldn’t believe they couldn’t remember. Maybe it was too much sun or they’d had such a great day on the Island but no matter how hard they thought about it they couldn’t remember.
Eventually I got off the bus and told the driver they were in our resort and needed to get on the bus. All was resolved and off we went.
We seen the same couple driving off this morning so here’s hoping he has better luck with that car.
We also hit the road today and we’ve arrived in a motel in Bundaberg. Weird little town where they use old microwaves as postboxes, have random petrol pumps in the front of shops.
No campervan tonight due to the heat, we were advised not to stay in the van due to the temperatures so we’re happy out here. Tomorrow we take on scooteroos and no doubt I’ll have plenty to say on that 🙊



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