Dingos evolved from Dinosaurs right?

16 Jan

The best part about coach trips is overhearing people talking to each other about things they know. We had the pleasure of sitting in front of two Essex boys who believe that Jurassic park was filmed on Fraser Island and that the Dingo evolved from dinosaurs. It’s previous name was dingosaurus but they shortened it to Dingo. The look on everyone’s face when they explained their theory was hilarious. Yet still no one felt the need to correct them.
Many of you will know that for mine and Marks first date, he brought me off roading where I proceeded to vomit on myself and look extremely pee’d off!
Well today was take two only this time on a massive 4×4 bus with a maniac at the wheel.
The morning started off quite nicely a call home to the folks, a nice big air conditioned bus to collect us and a rather enjoyable ferry to the Island. As we made our way onto monster bus Mark pointed out that there were no roads only sand tracks. Words cannot describe the look of pure joy in his eyes when he realised that the day would be spent off roading. I can’t say I had the same emotion, in fact I think I turned a funny off white colour. Blugh I knew exactly what was in store and I wasn’t impressed.
Lake McKenzie was first and it was amazing. It was like getting into a warm bath we just loved it. As we made our way around the island to the logging station I was bracing myself for violent motion sickness. Words fail me as to how violent we shock in that bus. We arrived at the station for a walking tour but my body was giving up I was hot, dehydrated and weak no way was I going on the walk. So I found myself a quiet spot and lashed the water into me.
After the station came lunch. I was so hungry but also so afraid to eat incase it made a reappearance on the bus. I was already told that the bus couldn’t stop it was too dangerous but handed a sick bag to keep with me, fantastic!
Lunch was great mixture of cold and hot all you can eat buffet so I managed to get some food inside me and happy days I was coming back around.
We drove on the beach for the 2nd part of the trip it’s known for its long stretches and the famous ship wreck is on the coast. The captain of that ship is who the island was called after!
So safe to say bar the motion sickness we both had an amazing day.
So tomorrow we head for Agnes waters where they might actually let me ride a chooper! Bring it on 😎



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