Camper van?!? More like me dads Mazda van!

15 Jan

“Ah Mark we’re gonna look like pikeys” was my first reaction when I saw our new home for the next 10 days. Not exactly the fine living we were used to but it was a new adventure and we were excited about hitting the road and more importantly Mark was itching to drive.
So we loaded up the van which looks exactly like my dads work van. The only difference being I have a bed in the back of mine and he has carpet and tools.
By lunch time we were on the road, I don’t remember the first hour of the journey that may be because I was sleeping but Mark said it was mostly highway. Took us approximately 5 hours to get to Hervey Bay and we passed some of the creepiest towns. Some of them looked like scenes from horror films, you know the ones with the cabins buried in the woods with nothing around them, that’s exactly what they were like.
The amount of road kill was incredible got upset when i seen some dead kangaroos but Mark put the foot down to avoid looking.
So by 6am we rock up to the site and the caravans that are here are amazing we look like povos compared to them! Some of them have been professionally kitted out!
So as we get ready to settle in for the night and head to Fraser tomorrow no doubt I’ll have more adventures to tell.
Ps as I sit here writing this we are currently awaiting for the Australian version of the aa to come and help us cause the gear box pooped itself :-/



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