Too old to backpack, too young not to see the world

14 Jan

So anyone that’s been reading the blog or knows me, knows that I travelled out to Australia in 2007. Thinking we were the big backpackers we got the backpacks, the maps, the works. What anyone failed to mention was the crippling pain that came with it. The thoughts of dragging that bag around was a nightmare. I reckon that’s why we ended up in the same place for so long.
Back then we didn’t mind sharing dorms, sharing kitchens and common areas but this time seems to be different.
I think once you’ve had your own place you learn to appreciate what you have. Backpacking is like roommate roulette you never know who’s going to arrive in and what dirty habits they have. You also have very little privacy or space to move. Now obv you know what to expect with a hostel and no complaints we love it here, but i don’t think we’ll ever fall under the category of backpacker. I like to think of us more as tourists.
The all night drink binges, street fighting and general obnoxious behaviour just doesn’t have it’s appeal anymore and to be quite honest I don’t think I’m able for it! Nothing wrong with the odd night in!
I don’t think your ever too old to see the world in fact I think it’s something that everyone should do just purely for the experience.
So for now I’m happy with my suitcase on wheels and no back pain 😃



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