$2 steaks, no hats after 7pm and Teppanyaki

14 Jan

So as we look out on a very dull Monday I think it’s safe to say we loved our stay on the Gold Coast.
Last night we met with friends for the famous $2 steak night in Waxys Irish Pub. Ordinarily this steak would cost you 21 dollars but on a Sunday they have a special and you can get it for $2!
The steak is ok but what makes the meal is the chips, they coat them in chicken salt and the flavour is amazing, never before have I had something so tasty! Any Irish person that’s been will tell you how amazing it is.
At 7pm we had what can only be described as a giant walk towards us. He was security for Waxy’s and asked one of the girls to remove her hat. Bizarre or what. You had people in there wearing all sorts but no hats after 7pm so we promptly left.
We did notice that a lot of the pubs/clubs and restaurant have quite a strict tattoo policy. I read on line that the Gold Coast in recent years has had trouble with gang related violence and crimes so I guess they are just looking to keep the peace.
Tonight as its our last night on the coast we’ve opted to go for Teppanyaki just to try something different.
Tomorrow we pick up the camper and make our way up the east coast 😊



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