Wait . . . What?!?

13 Jan

So being on the move you definitely
see and hear some random things. The best being in the hostel on Wednesday. We were waiting to settle the bill and the lady in front was complaining to the fella who ran the hostel that it was too hot and that she wanted him to do something about it. I actually think my jaw hit the floor. Em I’m not one to point out the obvious but we’re in Australia in the middle of one of their hottest summers I really don’t know what she was expecting.
She then went onto complain about people coming in at all hours of the morning. This lady didn’t look to be of the backpacker age so god knows how she ended up here but she asked could the music and drinking stop at 10. Again no your in a hostel with cheap drink and cheap backpackers.
I think she left after that, we haven’t seen her since.
We all know the Asians are big into their technology and nearly all them have iPads but taking it into the sea to take pictures is a step to far. While out walking the beach I spotted this tiny Asian lady waist deep in the sea with her iPad taking pictures. I nearly tripped over myself I was so taken back by it!
At the moment we have a jellyfish issue in the sea and they are stinging left, right and centre. While watching mark out in the sea I over hear a couple talking and the male goes if you get stung I’ll pee on you no problem. All I thought was ewww. That is not a conversation for anyone to over hear 😷



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