Now do you understand why I love it here?

12 Jan

So do you understand why I love it here? The question I asked Mark as we walked down the road in the 30 degree heat and I think it finally clicked with him why I talked about this place so much.
Looking back on pictures from 2007 I look completely different, I’m healthy, happy and carefree. In the last two years I have done nothing but battle with my health and a job I hated and by October 2012 I was ready to chuck in the towel I kept telling Mark ” I can’t do this anymore” for hours I would sit in the apartment looking at pictures from Australia seeing how happy and healthy I was even Mark commented that I looked completely different.
When we decided to come out here I couldn’t wait to show him the Gold Coast and I’m delighted to say he loves it as much as me. We’d walk the beach every morning and every evening and we used it as a time to to gather our thoughts and just appreciate what was surrounding us.
So as we enjoy our last few nights in the place I refer to as my second home I can’t but get a little excited about our next leg of the journey, traveling the east coast in a camper van 😎



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