Gold Coast, we meet again!

11 Jan

As we drove though Surfers Paradise, something didn’t sit right. What had they done to the lovely little town I fell on love with 5 years ago? High rise buildings, road works everywhere and it had turned awfully commercial. I now understood why the Gold Coast had been nicknamed Brisvegas!!
Thankfully the hostel that had been my 2nd home was still the same it had some improvements made but it was still the same – thank god.
The backpacker image had changed a lot in 5 years back then everyone got on there was none of this clique business and certainly no reality tv!
As I stand on the balcony looking down at the modern day “backpacker” we realise what’s happened to them! Jersey shore and Geordie shore. These people are parading around like their on some sort of tv show. Some of the girls change outfits 3/4 times a day – how they carry it all is beyond me. The boys are wearing belly button v next t shirts and are covering themselves in baby oil in the hope of tanning quicker. Honest to god lads it’s 30 degrees I’m fairly sure you’ll tan.
My favourite part living here is being a 2 minute walk to the beach. I used to spend an hour in the morning and in the evening just walking the beach, it was a place where I could zone out and just enjoy the music while the waves crashed up on my feet. A little slice of heaven.
Mark loved the water he was like a fish. Me I was terrified of the current underneath knowing my luck I would have been washed away never to be seen again. Awkward phone call for mark to make!
That aspect of the coast never changed and I’m so glad of that. It’s the one place we can get away from the modern backpacker who thinks their on telly. One woman this morning complained to hostel staff that she was too hot. Maybe the heat made her forget where she was but last time I checked we were in Australia in the middle of summer. Maybe she should have googled Aus before coming here, just a suggestion like šŸ˜


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