Week one Brisbane City

10 Jan


So as we arrived into Briabane city a feeling of familiarity washed over me, yes I know this place I thought. As we made our way to Algester to visit my family so many memories from 2007 came flooding back. Brisbane was a place I associated with happiness and fun. The summer of 2007 was carefree, stressfree and fun. When we arrived at my aunts house the feeling of home sickness slowly started to ease. After all I knew these people, they were family and more importantly there were Irish accents everywhere.

While in Brisbane we decided to visit South Bank. For those of you who don’t know what South Bank is, it’s a small man made beech in the heart of the city for those who can’t get down the coast. It’s a beautiful little place well kept and more importantly it’s free! By 9.30am the place was packed and it was 30 degrees. To say we struggled in the heat would be an understatement! So we walked around for a bit and while passing a group of Chinese men one looks at me and says ” ah she white like milkshake” ye real sound buddy, it’s 30 degrees I’m only here a few days and you had to mention the whiteness! All well and good for you being under your umbrella! We didn’t last long there the heat got too much and I feared I was gonna pass out! 😲

One of my favourite parts of the city is a place called Lone Pine which is a koala sanctuary home to a variety of animals. I was dying to bring Mark there an hoped he’d love it as much as I did. Up the back of the park is the kangaroo enclosure (my favourite part) and you can pet them and feed them. Their normally quite relaxed animals but with the heat and the massive crowds, you wouldn’t know if one was about to snap and kick the life out of you!

Next was the Koala pictures. I had held one before so I thought it would be nice for Mark to do it, truth be told I knew how smelly they were and thought no way am I holding him again 😝 it was a nice thing to have a picture of the two of us I enjoy collecting things like that

So the first week came to an end and I was starting to get excited. Next stop was the Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise. The placed sucked me in for my entire stay in 2007 but I was pretty sure it wasn’t gonna happen again!


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