Touch down Brisbane

10 Jan

imageSo as we walked onto the plane we made our way through 1st class and oh my god was I jealous these people get to lay down and sleep for the bulk of the journey. The 1st leg off the journey was ok everything was so new. After all we were used to no frills Ryanair. This airline was offering us movies, free drinks, snacks and hot meals. The 2nd leg was less enjoyable I was tired and cranky and had the mother of all headaches and where were my painkillers in my check in – typical me!

The 3rd leg I came around a bit more but by now we’d had enough and wanted off. At midnight the captain wished us a happy new year and we wished each other a happy anniversary.

Touch down Brisbane yay I was delighted, so happy in fact I almost took someone else’s suitcase opps!! So here came the hard part- customs! I’ve seen this lot in action on border patrol and they were tough. Did I have anything to declare? No of course I didn’t but they made me feel like did. So I send Mark forward 1st and his details are checked and the officer looks at me. ” are you travelling together?” Gut instinct was to say no never seen him before in my life but I manned up and stepped forward. Cleared customs ok and we were free. Touch down hot sticky Brisbane January 1st 2013


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