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Skittle bomb they said, think I’m having a heart attack I said

26 Jan

So over the last few days I’ve been suffering with a bit of anxiety it’s 4 weeks since we left home and the whole moving away process was catching up on me.
The rain had pretty much cancelled all celebrations so we headed to a friends apartment to celebrate what was left of Australia Day.
Started off with a BBQ which was Delish and a few drinks. I made the mistake of drinking coke with the Malibu, it was the first thing I grabbed in the bottle shop. I could feel my heart rate increasing again. After we’d eaten it started to calm down again and I was feeling ok.
We headed on to another apartment and that’s when we were introduced to “skittle bomb”. Skittle bomb is made up from red bull, Cointreau, and black current cordial. The name comes from it’s sweet smell that reminds you of eating a packet of skittles. First one went down far to easy, this drink was sweet and tasty. Two of the main reasons I drink Malibu as I don’t like the bitterness of vodka. Shots two, three and four went exactly the same way.
At first I was fine but then as I stood quietly in the corner checking my phone it literally felt like my head exploded. It was like I was walking on marshmallows. Mark knew straight away that the drink had hit me, esp when I went to sit on the stool and missed, luckily I didn’t fall and just looked a bit wobbly. Australia Day was in full swing!
Water that’s what I need I thought, get a few glasses into and I’ll be grand. Within seconds it looked like my heart was coming out of my chest. I was sweating and felt boxed in. Only 10 of us in the apartment but I felt trapped. By 11pm I was minutes away from hitting full on panic attack. I called Mark over and said I needed to go. We said our goodbyes and headed home.
As we left the apartment and stepped outside it was like someone had smacked me in the face with a frying pan. It was like I had finished off the Malibu. My legs didn’t want to work and I was making very little sense. I slipped down paths, tripped over my own feet and got the worst hiccups for the whole way home that sounded like a puppy yelping. To top it off it was lashing and before we were even half way home I was soaked straight through but to be honest I was to gone to realise.
We eventually made it back to the hostel and dried off. Mark crashed out although you would too with 10 beers and 4 skittle bombs inside you. I lay awake watching room spin ( turns out we had the fan on and I was watching that).
So this morning as I lay here in a delicate state I have come to the conclusion that anything with the word bomb in it is lethal. And I only pray to god that the weather improves so I can get $2 steaks with chicken salt chips!



Rain on a bank holiday! Sure we’d expect nothing different.

26 Jan

“Close up all the windows and tie everything down” not what you want to hear as Australia Day approaches. Cars in their hundreds descended on the coast with their cars packed to the brim for a fun filled weekend. The ducks are the only ones who’ll enjoy this weekend.
On thursday the rain started,it was a novelty at first. We welcomed it, it helped to bring down the temperature. But 3 days in its starting to lose its appeal esp with the thought of lasting the whole week.
Weather warnings all over the news and people scrambling around the hostel to tie everything down. The wind and rain started to rip through the hostel by 10pm the walkways and tennis court were flooded. We laid awake last night listening to building take a hammering.
The rain along with only having 3 channels was starting to do our head in. We missed walking the beach which they’ve closed today due to dangerously high tides.
Cabin fever was creeping in. Both of us twitching and fidgeting.
We thought we’d find escape in the local shopping centre – wrong, everyone else had the same idea. The car park was full and all that was left was roof parking which was flooding quickly.
I jumped out of the van into a puddle that was ankle deep. Bye bye flip flops you’ll be going in the bin! The whole shopping centre is opened planned so there was no roof. It was almost like we’d forgotten what rain was. We hadn’t seen any in a month so it was like a new concept to us.
We took shelter in Kmart which fascinated us for a good hour.
The rain continued to lash down and people just looked miserable. We were used to it raining on bank holidays so this was nothing new. We made our way to Coles to get some comfort food and when we came out to the shopping centre the roads were starting to flood. Time to go we thought and waded back to the van and drove home to the hostel.
On a happier note 230 Irish people get their citizenship today so there’s a reason to celebrate!! 🙂


Ireland the world is laughing at you but I for one don’t think it’s funny!

23 Jan

I know this blog is about the australian adventure but I over heard a conversation today and felt I had to talk about it.
Ireland everyone is laughing and even our own are turning their backs. While Mark was at a meeting today I couldn’t help over hear a conversation between a group of Irish and Aussies. They were clearly talking about the recent judgement in a abuse case that was decided upon this week.
Only in Ireland could you receive a longer sentence for not paying import duty on garlic. As the women said the law will punish you more for evading tax then abusing a child and not only just a child but your own child. Equality at its finest there. I’ve had the mis fortune of being a juror in one of Paul Carney’s trials and wouldn’t rate him as a decent judge. During the case he played on his blackberry, looked like he was asleep for most of it and then imposed a sentence that brought the jury to tears. A life sentence for a young man. However a similar case had also been before the courts that week and they felt that a few years with a bulk of the sentencing suspended was fair. Two very identical cases, yet ruled very differently. Fair?!? I think not!
For the first time I actually felt ashamed to be Irish they way they talked about our nation. How we continue to bail out banks who got us into this mess in the first place. A nation that once was so proud of its success story, how they turned themselves around and was once a country that had international companies climbing over each other to enter is now a laughing stock.
I’ve often heard people referring to us in Australia as the polish of Ireland. We all jumped ship when things got bad.
Someone on Facebook has set up a group called “Ireland’s abandoners” and had warned us that we will not be allowed the country once it turns itself around. I stayed for 4 years in the recession, had tax increases imposed, pay freezes, outsourced and to top it off have a boyfriend who lost his job.
Why would we stay? With the government insisting on pumping more and more money into the banks is it any wonder people are laughing at us.
Five years ago when I first came out here I was proud to be Irish when people called me British I corrected them straight away but it’s hard to be proud of a country that continually let’s people down. If it was anywhere else there would be riots, work stoppages, the works but no as Christy Moore says we’ve become a nation of “docile, obedient sh*t-takers”.
Ireland is really letting its people down at the moment and it’s sad to see. A country once so proud of its underdog story is now the punch line to everyone’s joke.
As a side note to my Irish readers, Fiona’s family have organised a peaceful march for justice. They will be marching from Bray county council at 4pm on the 26th if your free please show your support.


Mark . . . I think he wants to fight me!!

21 Jan

Now first things first. I don’t like Steve Irwin. He just annoyed me from everything he said to the way he acted. He just wasn’t for me. “Strooth there’s a laaaaaarge croc” I’d hear coming from the telly. Ok ok I may have added in some Alf Stewart in there but you get the point.
As we arrived in the zoo there was a large picture of Steve holding or hugging (I’m not sure) a crocodile. Great I thought his face is going to be everywhere. So we parked up and made our way into the zoo. $59 per adult which I thought was a bit steep at first but once I got in there it was totally worth it.
The have a huge variety of animals there. From reptiles to koalas to kangaroos. So we made out way around the zoo and made it to kangaroo heaven fed a few of the animals and wandered on.
Mark wanted to go the African part of the zoo so we passed the red kangaroos not a problem but then on the way back it all kicked off :-/
So there i was walking along minding my own business might I add and outta no where this massive kangaroo starts running at me. And not just like oh hi have you any food, it was more like he wanted to fight me! So I ran and he ran a little bit and stopped so I thought grand he’s calmed down. Nope wrong again, he takes off after me this time blocking the exit and assuming fighter stance while bobbing left and right. I genuinely thought this kangaroo was gonna do some damage.
Thankfully new people showed up and he got distracted so I made my escape!
We then made our way to the arena where they show birds in flight and crocodile feeding. Mark was in his element at this part it was defo one of his favourites.
While walking around the zoo I got a sense of sadness. Now by no means am I a Steve Irwin fan but the zoo has made it a lovely place of dedication to him. You can see he had a real passion for what he did and lived every day to the full. The zoo documents his career in a very fitting tribute and it is an absolute shame that he was killed so young.
The zoo will always act as a reminder for the work he did and the passion he had. You can tell everyone who worked with him thought very highly of him, they mention him in all the live shows and his wife and daughter still make appearances at the zoo.
It really is a lovely place to visit and well worth the money 🙂


Finding Nemo . . At the bottom of a sick bag

19 Jan

One day I hope to write that I made a whole journey without a sick bag but today is not going to be that day.
We set out at 6am off to 1770 to catch the boat to the Great Barrier Reef. The 1st hour went by ok but then everything went belly up . . Literally!
About 70% of the passengers were throwing up and it would have been rude of me not to join them. Thankfully I didn’t have any breakfast so I wasn’t as ill as a lot of people. Because we had the extra hour in scooter Roos yesterday I didn’t get to a chemist to get any motion sickness tablets.
I think the captain took great pleasure in driving full force into the waves, jumping the boat up and down 😷. Poor Mark looked mortified as I made noises that can only be described as a cat with a furball. Thankfully some woman took sympathy on me and gave me two tablets for the return journey.
The motion sickness was all worth once we reached the pontoon. We left everything on the boat and got flippers and snorkels and got straight in the water. I’ve never done anything like this before so it was all new to me but it was amazing I’ve never seen anything like it before swimming for hours looking at fish and the different coral.
This trip had no time limits. I think we spent about 2 hours in the water, had a quick lunch and then did a couple of the trips.
They have a 1/2 submerged boat that you can sit in and look at the reef and then each group had allocated island time.
We took a boat over to Lady Musgrave island and had a walking tour. The island was freaky. For everyone one of us in the group there must have been approx 100 birds and they poop everywhere it was disgusting. Worst part was the dying birds everywhere not something I really wanted to see. So by this time it was 3pm and time to go. Thankfully the crossing was a lot smoother and I managed to sleep for all of it. The Great Barrier Reef was incredible and it’s something we’ve managed to tick off the bucket list. It’s something natural, beautiful and unspoilt and would recommend it to anyone who has the chance to visit ☺ 20130119-172527.jpg

So I have the co-ordination of a drunk

18 Jan

So the title says it all. I couldn’t get to grips with the scooter at all. I wobbled, I over shot the corners and nearly took out one of the instructors within the 1st hour.
It’s no secret that I don’t enjoy driving I only do it if necessary and prefer it when Mark drives. But he kept reassuring me, it’ll be grand he said, it’s an automatic he said.
From the get go I was nervous. I was sweating and shaking, this can’t be right I thought but carried on. After about an hour I was beginning to dislike it more and more this really wasn’t for me. To spend 3 hours doing this wasn’t appealing at all.
So yes I quit I gave it a good hour and just didn’t take to it. But the best was yet to come. As we’d driven out so far I couldn’t just turn around and go home.
So they loaded my bike onto the bus and I got to ride pillion on Celines motorbike. It was awesome I’d never been on the back of a bike before so this was all new to me. Zipping along at 80mph along the winding roads felt incredible it’s a pure rush. I got to see everything there were wild kangaroo hopping all over the place. Finally I felt relaxed. They nickname the pillions “Koalas” prob cause we hang on for dear life. It was quite enjoyable ripping past the group who were limited to 50mph.
Mark was having an absolute blast on the bike but sure he loves anything with an engine in it. A couple of times he tried to put the foot down but we just wizzed by him.
Scooteroos is a fantastic idea and great value for money. The team are great fun, very helpful and up for a laugh if you ever pass through 1770 give them a visit.
I’m glad I at least tried it and so what if it’s not for me no shame in that. I’d of been more annoyed if I didn’t give it a go. So tomorrow we head for the barrier reef it’s more my kinda thing I heart the ocean 🌊


Ever had so much fun you’d forgotten where you lived?

17 Jan

So one funny moment from yesterday that I forgot to mention was the couple we met on the tour yesterday. We first met them outside the holiday site waiting for the bus. We’d seen them a couple of time through out the day but when we got the return coach we had to tell the driver where we were going and they would allocate a bus.
Everyone was seated except these two. No matter how had they tried they couldn’t remember where they lived. Mark and myself watched them out the window in amusement and couldn’t believe they couldn’t remember. Maybe it was too much sun or they’d had such a great day on the Island but no matter how hard they thought about it they couldn’t remember.
Eventually I got off the bus and told the driver they were in our resort and needed to get on the bus. All was resolved and off we went.
We seen the same couple driving off this morning so here’s hoping he has better luck with that car.
We also hit the road today and we’ve arrived in a motel in Bundaberg. Weird little town where they use old microwaves as postboxes, have random petrol pumps in the front of shops.
No campervan tonight due to the heat, we were advised not to stay in the van due to the temperatures so we’re happy out here. Tomorrow we take on scooteroos and no doubt I’ll have plenty to say on that 🙊